Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Friday, September 30, 2022

Following an incredible touring season in the summer of 2022, the DIY Gascon farmers The Inspector Cluzo, are thrilled to announce the release of their ninth studio album Horizon on January 27, 2023, via F.thebassplayer Records. To coincide with the record announcement, the band is also launching the first single and video for the title track, which is available here.

Horizon comes after the critically acclaimed LP We The People Of The Soil (2018) and the live album Brothers In Ideals – We The People Of The Soil Unplugged (2020). Recorded in three weeks and produced by Grammy Award winner Vance Powell, Horizon is the deepest and truest album The Inspector Cluzo have written to date.

Each song shares and takes inspiration from real-life events and experiences. For example, Wolfs At The Door, tells the story of the struggle the two farmers experienced when standing up against a duck factory located in front of their farm and the fight they had to put up when faced with a massive Bird flu pandemic. Saving The Geese describes the civil disobedience against the French State and the big local agro-industries corporations that wanted to kill the band’s healthy animals as "prevention”. Shenanigans re-evokes the great times the band spent in Nashville with their friend Bill Elder who run the Shenanigans bar and who put them up during all Nashville studio sessions. Rockophobia, on the other hand, is one of the surprises The Inspector Cluzo reserved for the fans, it is a fun rock number, in which the band wonders "what does rock mean today?" laughing at Iggy Pop, who later decided to feature on the track.

The first single and title track was originally written 15 years ago for the band’s debut album but was never finished until the pandemic hit. Horizon openheartedly brings to the front the band’s efforts in running their family-farm, whilst experimenting new agro-ecologic techniques apt to face climate change, saving rare species, free seeds etc.

In keeping with their reputation as one the most prolific touring bands in the world (they have played over 1200 shows in 67 countries to date), The Inspector Cluzo completed sold-out USA support tours with Clutch and Eels in 2019, alongside a host of festival appearances across the globe (including Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil) and a maiden US headline tour. In the summer of 2022, The Inspector Cluzo played extensively on prestigious stages across Europe, including the widely renowned Hellfest Festival, where they gathered a crowd of 50,000 fans.

Horizon Track-List

    Act Local Think Global
    Wolf At The Door
    Running A Family Farm Is More Rock Than Playing Rock ‘n’ Roll
    The Outsider
    Swallows – Where are The Swallows Gonna Build Their Nest
    Rockphobia – feat. Iggy Pop
    The Armchair Activist
    9 Billion Solutions
    Saving The Geese
    Swallows Back – When Will The Swallows Return

About The Inspector Cluzo

The Inspector Cluzo is a Gascony based Rock-Blues duo, created in 2008 by Laurent (Guitar, Lead Vocal) and Mathieu (Drums). The two met at their 1st year of Physics studies in Mont de Marsan. Since 2008, the band have released 8 albums via their self-run record label “F.TheBassPlayer Rercords”, they are totally 100% self-financed, family-based organized, and 100% DIY.

They have played more than 1200 gigs in 67 countries all around the world. They played festivals such as Fuji Rock festival (Japan), Pentaport Festival (South Korea), Lollapalooza (Brazil &Chile), Download (UK), Paléo Festival (Switzerland), Oppikopi (South Africa), Blues Fest (Australia), Shaky Knees Fest (USA), Hell Fest (France).

However, the band’s main activity is farming. They are organic professional farmers, they run a 15Ha family farm called "LOU CASSE" (“the oak” in Gascon language) in Gascony, producing organic wheat and organic corn with their own free seeds. No GMO, no hybrids seeds, no chemicals or pesticides are used. They belong to a new generation of farmers that are into an Agro-Ecologic system challenging and fighting climate change for the new generations.