Article Contributed by Two Sheps That Pass | Published on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On Sunday afternoon, December 3, Janie Barnett presents her Urban Americana Holiday Party, celebrating the spirit of the human heart, resistance, and transformations in the year ahead. The revelry will feature a bevy of special guest artists who are full of bluster, and they plan to heckle the audience into   full participation in the proceedings.

On Janie Barnett’s 2017 release, You See This River, she evokes her hybrid style, favoring roots-music instruments, the whimsical storytelling of her favorite author John Steinbeck, and the social passions of one who grew up in Washington  DC’s  backyard.  The record reached the top 20

on Americana radio in its first weeks of release, and is on the first-round Grammy  ballot in the following categories: Best Folk Album, Best American Roots song (“Good Crazy Thing”) and Best American Roots Vocal  (“Good Crazy Thing”).

The album features Blue Room, a collaborative group of musicians at the top of the NYC/Brooklyn music scene, as well as several of Nashville’s prize players. You See This River has a luscious, cinematic sound, musically complex and emotionally wrought in its stories.

You See This River is the result of Barnett’s long search for artistic authenticity. She has mined her experiences as parent, partner, artist, and social animal. The relationships she presents are full of ambiguity and passion. In her own words:

“The stories here are of the primal instinct for nostalgia, the beautiful and terrible journey up and down the river, the persistence, romanticism, and pig-headedness of humans.“

Sonically, the record echoes its title, with fully-shaped, flowing melodies fluidly layered with Barnett’s evocative vocals, suggesting the soundtrack of one’s favorite indie film. The masterfully crafted songs have an approachability and addictive staying power, with   Lydia   Hutchinson,   founder   and   editor   of   Performing   Songwriter Magazine, writing: “I have been playing [You See This River] in my kitchen now all day today…It’s so consistently good, one of those rare recordings you can listen to all the way through, every track.”

Janie Barnett's Urban Americana Holiday Party

Sunday, December 3, 2017 12:30pm - 2:00pm

A grateful celebration of our musical humanity...and that we've survived this year!

With very special guests Vicki Kristina Barcelona, Julie Gold, Kenny White, Robin Batteau, Gary Schreiner and Lisa Gutkin (Klezmatics); with Richard Hammond, Larry Saltzman, Jeremy Beck, Ira Siegel, Angela Reed,Frank Vilardi and Sammy Merendino.

City Winery

155 Varick Street

New York, NY 10013 Tickets: $20

Purchase in advance: http://www.citywinery.com/newyork/tickets/americana-thanksgiving-janie-barnett-12-3.html

For additional information visit www.citywinery.com or call: (646) 677-8350