Jean-Michel Jarre Releases 'Versailles 400' A Live Digital Album & Mixed-Reality Concert Film

Article Contributed by Falcon Publicity | Published on Friday, February 23, 2024

Jean-Michel Jarre has released today, February 23 Versailles 400, a spectacular mixed-reality concert-film and live digital album. Versailles 400 is much more than just a concert. Here Jarre explores new territories, including visual expression and where AI becomes an artistic partner. The result is a multisensory experience that transports the audience into a completely new universe.

The setlist was developed based on the concert-event presented by Jean-Michel Jarre at one of France's most culturally renowned historic sites, the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles on December 25, 2023. At the event, Jarre transitioned through his avatar from the real stage to an imaginary virtual gallery, specially reconstructed for the occasion, featuring the sets and creatures crafted by the musician using artificial intelligence.

Listen to Versailles 400 here

"I designed the visuals for the Versailles 400 concert using artificial intelligence to create a graphic universe that merges the visual context of the 17th century with a world of robots, kinetic structures, Op art, sets, and creatures inspired by imaginary futuristic fairy tales, endlessly reflecting in the virtual mirrors of the Hall of Mirrors." - Jean-Michel Jarre

The result is captured in a live digital album, featuring an electro version of JB Lully's (1632-1687) Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs, the new single “Epica Oxygene,” and fresh renditions of existing tracks.

The “director's cut” version of the film, produced with special attention to highlight the juxtaposition of the universes, the dual scenography and the graphic creations used in both worlds, available simultaneously on 6play in France and on YouTube worldwide. A 4k version for large screens is currently in production.

Watch here

A hybrid and immersive show, where the audience is carried from one world to another, while remaining connected to reality, is a concrete example of how artificial intelligence can enrich the artistic experience.

Versailles 400 Tracklist:

    Le Château (from JB Lully - unreleased)                                                     
    Epica Oxygene (recently released)
    The Opening
    Oxygene 2
    Equinoxe 4     
    Equinoxe 7
    Industrial Revolution Part 2   
    Chronologie 6   
    The Architect  
    Oxygene 19   
    Zero Gravity                                                   
    Falling Down