Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers Take A Deep Dive In "Underwater"

Article Contributed by Crown Jül PR | Published on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers take fans under the sea in their bubbly, sea creature-filled visual for "Underwater" in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Paper Castle, their fourth LP. The catchy, upbeat tune, which is featured on the LP, swims through the overwhelming and euphoric sensation of love that like the chorus, never quite leaves your head.

The director of the video, Dave Suchanek, happens to be largely responsible for the formation of the band itself. "Nearly a decade ago," frontman Joe Hertler explains, "he called me up to work on a musical project; a project that would introduce me to the guys who would become my bandmates only a few months later."

As for the lyrical content, "The song compares being in love to a twisting forest: organic, breathing, ever-changing, and ultimately, like everything else, impermanent," explains Hertler. "It's something that drags you underwater into the darkness, but you find that you can see and breathe."

Love has a powerful ability to disarm, to render one useless, both of which the track and the video capture effortlessly. Take a deep dive with Joe & The Rainbow Seekers here: