John Mayall Featured on Airplay Direct

Article Contributed by Mark Pucci Media | Published on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Forty Below Records is pleased to announce the inclusion of John Mayall. The Godfather of British Blues, in Airplay Direct’s Global Radio Showcase Series, Volume 3.

These showcases represent the “Best of Breed” songs and musical portraits. They are “superior” songs, “previously unreleased” tracks, special deep cuts, and some new cuts as well. The full volume is available here:

Robert Weingartz, Chairman - AirPlay Direct says, "This has been a very dedicated effort by all involved to really understand the power of the ‘past, present & future’ of the music industry.  I know this APD ‘Showcase’ has something for everybody to enjoy and appreciate. This collection of music and art was curated and selected by some of the very best in the business… enjoy!”

Throughout his career, John Mayall has always written timely songs that reflect what he sees going on in the world around him, whether it’s war, poverty, social injustice or personal introspection. Such is the case with “The Devil Must Be Laughing,” which deals with the current political and world climate. And that incentive also brought him in touch with Joe Walsh, who contributes some percolating guitar work that melds perfectly with the song’s theme.

For Joe Walsh, playing on a session with one of his musical heroes held a special place. “It has been a bucket-list item since 1970 to play with John Mayall,” Walsh said. “John had a run of GREAT British guitarists (one after another) with his ‘Bluesbreakers’ albums, and that’s how many of us in the States became aware of them.  Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor - I studied them all for hours and became a much better guitarist as a result. The albums were legendary stuff and I have wanted to work with John for years and years, wondering what it would be like.

“Finally got the chance - and he was the complete gentleman and fine, fine musician I had always hoped he would be. When you meet a hero who helped shape your career – it’s a wonderful feeling to find they’re even cooler than you always thought they were.”

“The Devil Must Be Laughing” was produced by John Mayall (who also designed the album package) and Forty Below Records President Eric Corne (who also engineered and mixed).

The submission response to APD’s “Global Radio Showcase” Volume 3 – Blues / R&B / Jazz series was the most fierce, competitive submission process yet; truly amazing! This has been a very exciting set of songs to listen to, work with, and to eventually finalize into this beautiful collection of special tracks.

Featured Artists:   Holmes Brothers, John Mayall, Ira Walker, Trampled Under Foot, Michael Burks, Jerry Douglas, Toronzo Cannon, Eight 0’Five Jive, Bobby Rush, Selwyn Birchwood, The Time Jumpers, Tiny Irvin, Dennis Binder, Albert Bashor, Buckwheat Zydeco, and all of their very special guest artists / musicians.

“We continue to be very excited about the phenomenal success of our APD “Global Radio Showcase” series," said Robert Weingartz, AirPlay Direct / Collective Evolution.  "This creates an entirely new compilation distribution method that allows the artists to not just present a single, but their album or entire catalogue to APD’s Global Radio Members.”  

APD’s 4th "Global Radio Showcase” will be Country / Country Rock.  We will announce Volume 4 submissions soon.

The APD "Global Radio Showcase" series was developed and is managed by AirPlay Direct’s, Collective Evolution.

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