JP RUGGIERI Announces Sophomore Studio Album Gradually Descend Into Chaos (March 10)

Article Contributed by Victory Lap PR | Published on Friday, January 13, 2023

JP Ruggieri has announced his sophomore studio album, Gradually Descend into Chaos, will be released March 10, 2023. The Nashville-based songwriter and studio musician has collaborated with producer Jano Rix (The Wood Brothers) on this unique, eleven track collection that reckons with heartbreak, loss, and uncertainty. The album’s first single, “Kill a Smile,’ is out today (listen/share). Ruggieri will support the album with an extensive U.K. tour beginning in February.

Gradually Descend into Chaos is Ruggieri’s answer to a tumultuous period of his life that included the dissolution of a long term relationship, a five year long battle with a rare chronic pain condition, and the enduring challenges of the pandemic. Written over the course of this season, the songs on this record emote the kind of radical vulnerability that can only be catalyzed by total calamity.

“These eleven songs mostly came to me during a chaotic period of my life. I then recorded them a few years later when I was becoming obsessed with sound in a way that was completely new to me. Musically, this album represents coming to terms with various situations in my life. Production wise, this album represents a period of sonic exploration. The marriage of those two elements is what Gradually Descend Into Chaos is all about,” shares Ruggieri.

In 2016, Ruggieri was diagnosed with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia, a painful disorder that nearly halted every aspect of his day-to-day life. A five year long battle with the condition included many unsuccessful attempts to alleviate the symptoms, one of which included debilitating nerve pain brought on by any movement of the tongue. Despite these impairments, Ruggieri continued to use music as a source of reconciling with the circumstances he was facing. After finding the right specialist in 2021, Ruggieri underwent a major brain surgery that successfully cured him of the condition, though not long after, he developed Bell’s palsy, costing him 30% of his hearing in his left ear.

Despite this hurdle, Ruggieri channeled his relief into the recording process, allowing for his newfound perspective to drive the production of the record. This exploration is evident on the eleven tracks that make up Gradually Descend into Chaos – each song leaving its own unique musical footprint. Even in its intense tonality, the record feels unhurried, like slowly breaking into a new pair of shoes. It’s as if the process of healing and the process of producing this record have taken on parallel paths.

Ruggieri’s sophomore collection is a confident display of raw honesty, engaging storytelling, and masterful musicianship. Among the album’s highlights are “Kill a Smile,” a contemplative number that glides seamlessly into “Buckets” – a classic post-breakup song that employs sharp choral harmonies and layers of organ that echo sumptuously. The tender “Weeds and Flowers,” narrates the tragic aftermath of a love that’s run dry. “Without the Sun,” written and performed with Oliver Wood, is a melancholy singalong that builds into a spirited crescendo.

The follow up to Ruggieri’s 2019 album, Waiting on You, finds the writer in a completely distinct chapter of his personal and professional life. In its totality, the songs create a relatable journey, offering a beacon of hope amidst the chaos.


Track Listing

1. Kill a Smile

2. Buckets

3. Weeds and Flowers

4. Up by the River

5. Fun Machine

6. The Way I Like It

7. Without the Sun (Feat. Oliver Wood)

8. Can’t Wait

9. Brick Wall

10. Prefer to Lose

11. Carry

Available March 10, 2023

Pre-Order Available HERE


02/28 - The Tunnels Aberdeen - Aberdeen, Scotland

03/01 - The Voodoo Room - Edinburgh, Scotland

03/02 - Settle Victoria Hall - Settle, UK

03/03 - The Greystones - Sheffield, UK

03/05 - Green Note - London, UK

03/09 - The Louisiana - Bristol, UK

03/10 - The Pump - Trowbridge, UK

03/13 - Temperance - Leamington Spa, UK

03/14 - The Cluny - Newcastle, UK

03/15 - Gullivers - Manchester, UK

03/16 - The Crescent - York, UK

03/17 - Phase One - Liverpool, UK

03/23 - Green Door Store - Brighton, UK

03/24 - Norwich Arts Centre - Norwich, UK

03/25 - The Grace - London, UK

03/26 - Acapela - Cardiff, UK

03/27 - Henry Tudor House - Shrewsbury, UK

03/28 - EBGB’s - Liverpool, UK

03/29 - The Cluny - Newcastle, UK

04/02 - The Workmans Club Cellar - Dublin, IE