Just Announced: Explosions in the Sky at Boulder Theater | 4|5|12

Article Contributed by Boulder Theater | Published on Monday, February 6, 2012

KGNU & Z2 Entertainment are proud to presents Explosions In The Sky at the Boulder Theater on Wednesday, April 5th, 2012.  Tickets go on sale Friday, February 10th at 10:00am for $20.00 general admission & $22.50 the day of the show.In February 1999, three longtime friends from West Texas went to a pizza place in Austin, Texas, for aprearranged meeting with a young man from Illinois. The Illinoisan had just moved to Austin, and he hadput up a flyer that caught the interest of the others. They ate pizza and discussed movies and arcana.They also decided to meet the next day with their various instruments (two guitars, bass, and drums).This happened, and over the coming months they picked a band name, then picked a better band name, then wrote and recorded an album. That album, called How Strange, Innocence, was largely out of tune, but the band members didn't really notice at the time. They optimistically printed 300 copies, and gave most of them away. It turned out they really liked playing together, so they kept doing so. A friend oftheirs sent a recording of one of their live shows to a record label in Baltimore, and that label offered toput out albums for the band. The band agreed. A year later they put out a second album (Those WhoTell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever). They began to tour often, all overthe world. In 2003 another album came (The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place), and in 2007 they put outtheir most recent, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. They are shocked to see that their 10-year anniversary is on the horizon.-Explosions In The SkyBoulder TheaterWednesday, April 5th, 2012