Kai Welch (Abigail Washburn, Kacey Musgraves, Molly Tuttle) remixes Leon III's "Fly Migrator"

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Saturday, May 29, 2021

Today, Leon III ("Leon the Third") shares Kai Welch's remix of "Fly Migrator," the first track off Leon III's latest album Antlers in Velvet.

Kai's syncopated, and expressive take on the song is the perfect amount of weird synthy articulation to uncover brand new musical flavors of the 9-minute track.

"Kai Welch might not be a household name but he’s kind of a superpower." Says Andy Stepanian. "He’s capable of such a wide range of musical output. He’s a wizard on synthesizer and can come up with this extraordinary weirdness in that realm. But he’s also tremendously talented as a songwriter, trumpet player, pianist and composer. He was nominated for a Grammy this last year for a beautiful song of his called "Ceiling to the Floor" that mandolin virtuoso Sierra Hull recorded. We’ve had a chance to collaborate with Kai on a variety of things over the last few years including the time he spent with us in California making the Antlers in Velvet record. After the recording was finished, we thought it would be fun to throw "Fly Migrator" back to Kai and see what kind of craziness he could come up with in a remix. We love what he did. He kept the essence of the song, including Mason’s bombastic guitar solo, but also made it something new. I guess that’s the point of a remix."

Leon III, the Texas-based, exploratory psych-folk outfit led by Andy Stepanian (vocal, guitar, keyboard, piano, omnichord) and Mason Brent (guitar, bass, vocal, banjo), sounds like a relic from another age. In a time when so much of today’s music seems as disposable and temporal as a tweet, Leon III is standing athwart the tide. With their latest release, Antlers in Velvet, the band conjures the spirit and ambition of Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead.

Make no mistake, this is an album with the potential for a serious shelf life.