Kendall Street Company Unleashes Transformative New Single "I Am The Wheel (It Could Happen to You)"

Article Contributed by Regime Music Group | Published on Friday, February 23, 2024

Kendall Street Company, the rising force in the modern jam band scene, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "I Am The Wheel (It Could Happen to You)." The track, an exploration of transformation and unexpected perspectives, is the second installment in the band's ambitious 12-month single release campaign. The song describes being the wheel, the ox, the driver, and the earth, and it urges listeners to contemplate what they really are… and what they are becoming.

Louis Smith reflects on the genesis of the track: "My brother, Max, and I started writing this tune on a family road trip, driving south on 95. We saw the giant wheels on a semi truck flying by and imagined that we were the wheel. We imagined what it would feel like to be the wheel. I thought about physics class in college. And then the wheel morphed into the ox, and the rest was history!"

The musical tapestry of "I Am The Wheel" features a fusion reminiscent of Tenacious D and Trey Anastasio Band, making it a standout addition to the Modern Jam Band Genre. The collaborative effort showcases the talent of Kendall Street Company's lineup, with Louis Smith on Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Vox; Brian Roy on Bass and Vox; Ryan Wood on Drums; Jake Vanaman on Organ, Saxophones, and Vox; Ben Laderberg on Lead Electric Guitar; and special guest Jonathan Watson on Trombone.

The production prowess behind the single is attributed to the skilled hands of Jake Vanaman (Engineering), Zach Staas (Mixing), and Justin Perkins (Mastering). The lyrics, a joint effort by Louis Smith and Maxwell Brighton-Smith, provide depth to a captivating narrative that is truly unique to itself.

Kendall Street Company is ON TOUR NOW and invites music enthusiasts to join them as they roll out a new single each month, promising a diverse and engaging musical experience. "I Am The Wheel (It Could Happen to You)" is now available on all major streaming platforms.