KIMOCK Drops New Track to Kick Off 2019

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Friday, February 1, 2019

KIMOCK proudly releases the single Invocations I, a beautiful and modern track, airy and fluid, full of wonder and magical overtones and inspired by the album “Streaming Wisdom” by W.A. Mathieu.

Building on a realm of creativity, collaboration and songwriting unleashed by Steve Kimock’s solo album, Last Danger of Frost (2016), and the debut KIMOCK album Satellite City (2017),   Invocations I was sparked by KIMOCK’S shared love of Mathieu and his quest to live a musical life. This “visible kind of music” is alive and ever evolving.

"My dad would play it [Streaming Wisdom] in the mornings on one of my trips out West, when we were waking up from foggy studio nights banging our heads against the wall. It took us in the direction that inspired some of the material from Satellite City. We wanted to collaborate with Allaudin [W.A. Mathieu] somehow, so we asked permission to sample some bits in hopes of one day working on something in person. He happened to live right down the street so it wasn’t hard to ask.” ~John Kimock

This father/son duo have been playing music together and on the road for decades, but this single marks another level of collaboration following their Satellite City release. “It’s a patchwork quilt of a tune spanning a couple generations of musicians, which is really special for me to have been a part of,” said John.

Invocations I pays homage to the past while looking towards a future filled with hope. “What a great way to start the year, here’s that new music I’ve been waiting for.” ~Steve Kimock