King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson At 50” Documentary By Toby Amies Coming To Select US Theaters Opening November 3rd

Article Contributed by Glass Onyon PR | Published on Friday, November 3, 2023

King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson At 50” documentary By Toby Amies is coming to select US theaters opening November 3rd!

Just as King Crimson has been, for more than half a century, an atypical rock band, this film is a refreshingly atypical music documentary. A film about the sacrifices we need to make to bring things of beauty and meaning into the world. But with jokes.

Toby Amies’s film “In The Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson at 50” provides a unique insight into the working process of a complex touring band, interspersed with contributions from previous band members to provide a contextual backdrop to the band’s past, as the most recent (2014-2021) line-up tours the world just before and during its 50th anniversary.

As King Crimson producer and band manager, David Singleton observed of the film: “All of life is here, not just music, and certainly not just rock. It has rightly been described as going beyond King Crimson into a ‘universal, inspirational study of what it is to work or dream to work as an artist.’”

While director Toby Amies writes of the experience: “In the Court of the Crimson King is not a film that wants to tell the audience what to think, rather it presents several different points of view about the creative process and what it means to be in this most unusual band; leaving the audience with a sense of both how complicated it all is, but also just how incredibly rewarding the King Crimson experience is both for the musicians and its fans.”

Robert Fripp announced that King Crimson had “moved from sound to silence” on social media after their final date in Japan in December 2021, making this release all the more poignant as a unique record of the band’s longest lasting line-up with tantalizing glimpses of the band’s history.  

Watch the promotional video:

New York City - November 3rd @ Alamo Drafthouse
Los Angeles - November 3rd @ Alamo Drafthouse  
San Francisco, CA - November 3rd @ Roxie Theatre
San Francisco, CA - November 3rd @ The Castro Theater
Larkspur, CA - November 3rd @ The Lark Theater
Vancouver, WA - November 3rd @ The Kiggins Theatre
Hartford, CT - November 3rd @ Cinestudio
San Francisco, CA - November 8th @ 4 Star Theater
Ann Arbor, MI - November 8th @ Michigan Theater
Bellingham, WA - November 8th @ Pickford Film Center
Santa Ana, CA - November 8th @ Frida Cinema
Seattle, WA - November 8th @ Grand Illusion
Camas, WA - November 8th @ Liberty Theatre
New York City - November 8th @ Rosendale Theater
Des Moines, IA - November 8th @ Fleur Cinema
Austin, TX - November 8th @ Moviehouse & Eatery NW Austin
Austin, TX - November 8th @ Moviehouse & Eatery SW Austin
Columbia, SC - November 8th @ BTM Dutch Square Cinema 14
Richmond, VA - November 8th @ BTM Movieland at Boulevard Sq
Irvine, CA - November 8th @ Irvine Spectrum 20 IMAX & RPX
Knoxville, TN - November 8th @ Pinnacle Stm 18 IMAX & RPX
Atlanta, GA - November 8th @ Regal Atlantic Station
Chicago, IL - November 8th @ Regal City North
Cleveland, OH - November 8th @ Regal Crocker Park
Albany, NY - November 8th @ Regal Crossgates
Syracuse, NY - November 8th @ Regal Destiny
Los Angeles, CA - November 8th @ Regal Edwards Long Beach
San Diego, CA - November 8th @ Regal Edwards Mira Mesa
San Francisco, CA - November 8th @ Regal Hacienda Crossings
Portland, OR - November 8th @ Regal Lloyd Center
Nashville, TN - November 8th @ Regal Opry Mills
Las Vegas, NV - November 8th @ Regal Red Rock
Los Angeles, CA - November 8th @ Regal Sherman Oaks Galleria
Miami, FL - November 8th @ Regal South Beach
Charlotte, NC - November 8th @ Regal Stonecrest
Seattle, WA - November 8th @ Regal Thornton Place
Philadelphia, PA - November 8th @ Regal UA King of Prussia
New York, NY - November 8th @ Regal Union Square
Albuquerque, NM - November 8th @ Regal Winrock
Lowell, MA - November 8th @ Lowell
Foxboro, MA - November 8th @ Patriot Place
Providence, RI - November 8th @ Providence Place
Warwick, RI - November 8th @ Warwick
Farmingdale, NY - November 8th @ Farmingdale
Holtsville, NY - November 8th @ Island 16
Holtsville, NY - November 8th @ Broadway
Springdale, OH - November 8th @ Springdale
Cambridge, MA - November 8th @ The Prattle Theatre
Beverly, MA - November 8th @ Cabot Performing Arts Centre
Inglewood, CA - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Del Mar, CA - November 8th @ Cinepolis
San Mateo, CA - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Dallas, TX - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Austin, TX - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Austin, TX - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Coconut Grove, FL - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Gaithersburg, MD - November 8th @ Cinepolis
Sedona, AZ - November 8th @ Mary D Fisher Theatre
Minneapolis, MN - November 8th @ Riverview Theatre
Cleveland, OH - November 8th @ Cedar Lee Theatre
Bantam, CT - November 9th @ Bantam Cinema & Arts Center
Chico, CA - November 9th @ Pageant Theater
Eugene, OR - November 10th @ Art House
Dallas, TX - November 12th @ The Texas Theatre
Portland, OR - November 12th @ Cinema 21
Los Angeles, CA - November 13th @ Orpheum Theater
Somerville, MA - November 13th @ Somerville Theatre
Maitland, FL - December 18th @ Enzian Theater
Sacramento, CA - November 22nd @ Crest Cinema
Pittsburgh, PA - November 28th @ Harris Theatre