King Salamander Releases Debut Single “Welcome to Salamander Lounge”

Article Contributed by Facci PR | Published on Friday, May 13, 2022

Meet the most unique and greatest lounge band in the land, King Salamander. They are thrilled to release their debut single “Welcome to Salamander Lounge” that is out now.

Fused by a love for sultry music, indelible nights, King Salamander and a thirst for decadence, King Salamander crafts an extraordinary sonic experience that seduces your senses and holds you close, utilizing custom-built instruments and silver tongued lyricism to create a new blend of lounge music that will have you swaying among a selection of lavish libations.

From late night lounge gigs to early morning practices, the ladies and gents behind King Salamander take their music (and their liquor) seriously. With influences of swing, salsa and big-band jazz, listening to King Salamander is an experience you will never forget. The band will be releasing new music, videos and custom instruments for a year straight starting in April. Often referred to by patrons as "mysterious, dangerous and sexy", the group's unique instruments, alluring stage presence and quality music will soon have you swooning.