Kolohe Kai Aims to Uplift the Youth with his Powerful New Single

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Saturday, March 5, 2022

Kolohe Kai presents his brand new Reggae/Pop Single “I Think You’re Beautiful,” out now. The song is inspired by the overwhelming struggle that our youth face to feel accepted and beautiful. “I Think You’re Beautiful” is the first of a series of singles leading up to Kolohe Kai’s forthcoming album due out later this year. Stream: https://ffm.to/ithinkyourebeautiful

Inspired by the overwhelming struggle that our youth face to feel accepted and beautiful, Kolohe Kai’s “I think You’re Beautiful” is an uplifting song with an empowering anti-bullying message. Kolohe Kai explains, “The verbal, emotional and even physical abuse they sadly endure can blind them from seeing the true beauty and value they have. The desire to be accepted is real and many kids don’t feel good enough.” He continues, “This song is very special to me. It’s brought me to tears more lately than ever. I think knowing that this song can empower a listener and has the potential to even save a life, humbles me completely. I want my fans to feel beautiful about themselves and I hope this song will help.”

“I Think You’re Beautiful” was produced by Imua Garza and recorded at Zeo Music Studios in Oahu. With a Pop style and a smooth island R&B blend, the single perfectly captures Kolohe Kai’s signature sound. Garza’s expertly crafted bass lines provide the quintessential backdrop for Kolohe Kai’s gorgeous vocal melodies as he delivers a powerful message.

Kolohe Kai has been releasing music in Hawaii for over 12 years, with the goal of creating songs that can help others. In 2019, Kolohe Kai released “Round and Around” which became the graduation song for many schools in Hawaii because of its inspirational theme around overcoming daily obstacles. With “I Think You’re Beautiful,” he hopes to once again reach the youth to promote inner beauty and empowerment as he continues on his anti-bullying agenda.

With more music on the horizon, Kolohe Kai is proud to present his powerful new single “I Think You’re Beautiful." He concludes, “As a student at Kapolei Elementary school, I desired to fit in, but due to a prominent scar on my face, kids would tease me. I’d tried to hide my scar by covering it with makeup and felt horrible about myself. You can hear that specifically in the 2nd verse. In a sense, I wrote this song to my younger self that didn’t feel good about himself and dedicate it to anyone else out there that feels that way. I hope that they take the lyrics to heart and are reminded that no matter what anyone says, they are beautiful and worthy. It’s my mission for this song to be heard around the world and reach the hearts of those depressed and burdened down. I feel it’s my privilege to have the opportunity to help boost self love in others through music. And so it is with deep pleasure for me to introduce to you my new favorite single, I Think You’re Beautiful.”

Stream: https://ffm.to/ithinkyourebeautiful