Lake Street Dive | Red Rocks Amphitheatre | 9/27/21

Article Contributed by Backstage Flash | Published on Monday, September 27, 2021

Lake Street Dive's latest album "Obviously" debuted at #5 on Billboards top albums chart while also peaking at #1 on American/Folk and #2 on both current rock and current alternative albums chart. Many tracks on the new release were on full display last night at Red Rocks as it’s 2020 release date was postponed until March 12 2021.The album covers a wide range of topics from climate change to womanhood and relationships while holding onto the pop, R&B, rock and jazz sounds and style they are well recognized for.

Rachel Price | Lake Street Dive

The band has been busy promoting the new album the last few months making appearance’s on Ellen, The late Show and NPR’s Tiny Desk (home concert). The tracks are truthful, honest, emotional compositions that are engaging, thought provoking, tasteful and fun. The blend of genres with a wide range of influences come together very nicely on the recording. The contemporary sound along with current topics during this shared emotional time in our world are front and center on this album. The band has been touring and having fun sharing these new compositions with fans around the country and by the looks of the audience singing all the words back to the band last night it has been a successful endeavor.

Bridget Kearney | Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive left no seats unfilled last night at the iconic Colorado venue. You could feel the anticipation of the crowd growing with excitement as the clock clicked towards showtime. The beautiful early fall evening and warm temperatures only enhanced the concert experience. When the band hit the stage you could feel the massive amphitheater erupt with joy. The band was as excited to be playing Red Rocks as the crowd was to see them burst into the opening number Know That I Know.

Lake Street Dive | Morrison, Colorado

The stage was set for an incredible night of music with the band covering tracks from the new album as well as many other recordings from past albums. Rachel Price was so happy to be playing the iconic venue that she had a *holy shit* moment on stage as she looked up at the wall of people in front of her. The crowd was blasting the stage with energy and the band was feeding off the excitement and emotion. Rachel's voice had power, sweetness and an emotional prowess that is breathtaking. She was dancing and using every inch of the massive stage provided. The lighting and sound were amazing and enhanced the performance to dizzying heights on the live music scale.

Rachel Price | Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The set list only gained momentum with tracks Bad Self Portraits, Hypotheticals, Hush Money and many more new and older crowd favorites. This band is so diverse as Rachel Price’s jazz and cabaret influences are executed beautifully, she commands the stage with confidence and attitude. Bridget Kearney on upright bass and vocals is stoic and solid and lays down incredibly fluid and heart pounding bass lines. Aki Bermiss kept the arrangements flowing nicely as his touch on the keyboards is tasteful and melodic. Mike Calabrese on drums and vocals keeps it simple and steady from his equipment to his playing style, he is a rock behind the drum kit. Guitar player James Cornelison, is the newest member of the band and Red Rocks first timer, he did an amazing job.

Bridget Kearney | Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Overall the show was dynamic, fun, danceable and very well executed.