LEAF Gig Grant Fund for Lyons Artists and Musicians

Article Contributed by Omni Arts Group | Published on Friday, May 1, 2020

Local real estate agent and business woman Laura Levy has teamed up with LEAF, Lyons Emergency Assistance Fund to create the Gig Grant Fund for Lyons Artists and Musicians. The Gig Grant will support local Lyons artists and musicians who have experienced significant income loss due to the COVID-19 Virus.

Many musicians and artists call the town of Lyons, CO home, and is referred to by many as “Nashville of the Rockies.” From casual jams at Sandstone Park to meeting friends at Oskar Blues to epic festivals at Planet Bluegrass this town thrives on music and arts. Planet Bluegrass and Wildflower Pavillion is the epicenter for bringing artists and fans from all over the country into this small mountain community. They host some of the best artists in the music scene and have multiple music festivals a year.

COVID-19 has brought an economic crisis to artists. Without any notice shows and festivals were canceled, venues were closed, weddings postponed, and galleries were shut down. Although this is impacting all service industries, artists could suffer longer due to their jobs depending on large gatherings of people for shows to take place. There is much uncertainty if large gatherings of any kind will be permitted for months to come. Many artists may not qualify for some of the state and federal support that is available to others. The financial impact is crushing the music and arts industry.

“When this pandemic hit and social distancing became our new reality, I realized our artist community would be hit again. “I felt like this group could use a lot of assistance and I felt like they deserved a lot of love from our community,” Levy said. “After all, we tend to lean into our art and music during hard times to find comfort. What I love most about the art community within Lyons is its resilience and spirit,” Levy said. “The beauty of this part of Colorado is already a strong attractant that makes you want to live here. But, Lyons tends to also attract really wonderful people over time. And those people really know how to work together when things are hard. They write songs, help their neighbors, create beautiful art installations around town, give back to their community. You can feel the love in this town even when we’re all physically distanced.”

Levy has not only made a huge impact by starting the Gig Fund with LEAF, she has also matched the first $3,000. You can purchase T-shirts online from her local store Uniquely Lyons, starting May 10, and a portion of all sales will be donated back to the Gig Grant Fund.

The town of Lyons is centered around music. It’s engraved in the culture of the town, Lyons even has its own anthem written by local artist Arthur Lee Land and songwriter Carol Lee, called ‘Two Rivers.’ This town would not be the same without the impact of music and arts. By supporting this fund, not only are you supporting the artists but you are helping Lyons continue to thrive. To donate you can click here