Leon III explores the mechanics of secrets in new song 'This Whisper Is Ours'

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Saturday, October 24, 2020

Today, Leon III released “This Whisper Is Ours,” the second glimpse at Leon III’s forthcoming album Antlers In Velvet, due out on March 5. "This Whisper Is Ours” is a song that dives into the mechanics of secrets between people. “It’s a song about a secret between two people that turns out to be a total misconception. But, they believe it and navigate their lives around this false truth nonetheless,” says Andy Stepanian. An action that happens daily, and one that anyone can relate to. The song premiered earlier this week exclusively via MxDwn who calls the song “expansive.” MxDwn further examines the intricate track saying “‘This Whisper Is Ours” grows exponentially to include elements like slide guitar, complex synthesizer textures, and a sonic presence that expresses the influence of country but has the suspense and heaviness of post-rock and the laid-back coolness of trip-hop. Lyrically the song is inspired by a horrific incident in Texas, though it doesn’t take a literal approach to the storytelling, instead dealing in the heaviness of the secret between the co-conspirators.”

“This Whisper Is Ours” follows the release of “Fly Migrator,” a rich and exploratory track that stretches over nine minutes, and the track that set the tone for the forthcoming album Antlers in Velvet.

Leon III is Andy Stepanian (vocal, guitar, keyboard, piano, omnichord) Mason Brent (guitar, bass, vocal, banjo) who were both members of Wrinkle Neck Mules, a long running Virginia based band with a significant cult following, and founders of the popular Austin apparel brand Howler Brothers.

Stepanian spoke about the song saying: “Fly Migrator is the template for the album.