Leon III shares new song "Skeletal Pines"

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Monday, February 22, 2021

The Texas-based Leon III is trying to stay warm during one of the worst winters the state has seen... ever. The show must always go on, and today, Leon III is very excited to share their song “Skeletal Pines,” which premiered exclusively via The Vinyl District earlier this week. “Skeletal Pines” is the newest song to be released from the band’s forthcoming album Antlers in Velvet, due out on March 5.

The new album showcases the extreme depth and the genius musicianship that this project holds. MxDwn calls the album an “expansive, genre-bending new sound.” This holistic album is by definition a genre-less compilation that provokes the imagination and exploratory senses of its listener.

Glide Magazine expanded on these ideas recently saying: “Traversing an expansive sonic landscape, the band skillfully layers twangy 70s rock guitars, psychedelic solos, and suspense-building drum fills to create a sound that feels rooted in the arena-filling rock of Pink Floyd as well as jammy spaceouts of My Morning Jacket. We also hear a touch of fellow Austinite Israel Nash’s desert folklore. All of this combines to make for a track that feels like a compelling musical journey with peaks and valleys that comes to an enlightening conclusion. In listening to the track, you get the sense that Leon III is more focused on a big and cohesive album-oriented rock sound than they are on cranking out Spotify one-hitters. You can tell that these guys are having fun in the studio, experimenting with different sounds and building their songs piece by piece.”