Lettuce and Big Gigantic members' jazz-supergroup BTTRFLY Quintet drop single ahead of debut LP

Article Contributed by JSloane Creative | Published on Friday, October 14, 2022

Denver-based soul-jazz supergroup BTTRFLY Quintet is soaring through the music world. Formed during the pandemic by artists from Lettuce, Big Gigantic, and Break Science, the band’s five members have sprung from their jamtronica background to blend funk, jazz, jam, and soul into life-affirming instrumental soundscapes.

Comprised of Grammy-winning trumpeter Eric “Benny” Bloom (Lettuce), Grammy-nominated drummer Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Pretty Lights collaborator/keyboardist Borahm Lee (Break Science)  producer and saxophonist Dominc Lalli (Big Gigantic) and bassist/visual artist Hunter Roberts (Break Science), the supergroup began by playing for thirty-seven people in a COVID restricted Cervantes Ballroom, and has since fledged its wings with performances at Florida’s Brainquility Festival and Denver’s art experience space Meow Wolf.

BTTRFLY Quintet is gearing up to release their debut album Coast on Friday, November 4. Listeners got their first taste of the LP with its self-titled lead single “Coast”, whose lush instrumentation and grand textures hinted at a full-length project full of adventurous, improvisational, and futuristic soul-jazz.

Now, the five-piece band unveils their new single “Buried Treasure,” another showcase of the group’s lavish, genre-fusing, instrumental mastery.

With dark, looming synth tones and complex, syncopated drum patterns bleeding into vibrant horn and organ playing, the song evocatively captures a mysterious mood and the feel and energy of witnessing an air-tight rhythm section in a live setting. The psychedelic instrumentation combined with the band’s experienced funk songwriting and immersive improvisations take the listener on a dynamic and well-crafted journey, shepherded along by a wealth of satisfying, danceable grooves.

BTTRFLY Quintet will showcase their elegant musical colors at their Coast Album Release Party on Friday, November 4 at Denver’s Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. Tickets on sale now