Lightning in a Bottle Announces Compass Music, Learning and Culture Programming for 2022 Edition

Article Contributed by Infamous Publi… | Published on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Today, Do LaB, originators and creators of North America’s premiere multi-faceted boutique festival Lightning in a Bottle, announced its Compass music, learning, and culture programming. LIB’s Compass offers opportunities for attendees to gain life changing lessons to bring back to their day to day lives through a series of talks, workshops, and performances from world-renowned visionaries, experts, and thought-leaders during the Memorial Day weekend festival this May 25-30.

Lightning in a Bottle’s Compass environments host an array of learning and culture programming that aligns with the core principles of the festival - creating space for connection, expression, and community. Highlighted talks and discussions among this year’s programming include Regenerating Soil with Microbes, Cryptocurrency: The Ownership Economy, Queering the Liminal, Technology of Prayer, Fire Adapted Communities: Building A Wildfire Resilient Future, Transforming Fulfilling Prophecies into Love, Resilience of Chamorro Food and more.

Compass has once again curated a top-tier selection of thought leaders and experts to lead attendees on a thought-provoking journey during their festival experience. This includes the Tejon Indian Tribe Dance Troupe, 2x best-selling author and founder/CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge Billy Carson, holistic wellness expert Queen Afua of the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage program, and Racing Extinction collaborators and digital artists Louie Psihoyos & Travis Threlkel.

Some of the key innovative workshops will include Art of Benevolent Leadership in Ritual Community, Psychedelic JEDI Training, Hope in the Anthropocene, Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music, Remote Viewing for Psychic Development, and No Means No - How to (Not) Talk to Cops.

Learning Kitchen returns as LIB’s culinary hub at the festival, empowering through demonstrations and tastings. Among the Learning Kitchen programming is Regenerative Soil Practices & Juice with Vive Organic, Praise Cheezus: Elevated Nut Cheese with Chef Perla & Elevation Eating, Slow Food & Sourdough Pizza with Zach + Kayla of Beloved’s Bread, Green Keto: Bye Bye Sugar Cravings with Katelyn Louise of Pure Joy Planet, and Curry Deconstructed: Ayurveda & Spices with Cristina Urioste & Rasa Foods.

Lightning in a Bottle has also partnered with organizations that continue to emphasize the idea of worldwide connection and well-being. These partners include Buckminster Fuller Institute, Academy of Oracle Arts, Ecological Renewal Alliance, Fungi Foundation, Ritual Community, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and Life-Force Academy. Throughout the year, festival attendees can get involved with these partners who take direct action in alignment with the foundational ethos that Lightning in a Bottle is built on.

Artists announced on the musical lineup for The Compass stage include a DJ set by electronic-crossover favorite SG Lewis, Danish electronic trio and internationally celebrated live act WhoMadeWho, German DJ and producer Parra For Cuva, emotive and melancholic techno producer Christian Löffler, forward-thinking multi-genre producer Full Crate, Andre Power and Sasha Marie of Soulection, ethereal electronic musician Ayla Nereo, 29 Palms from Ooah and Boreta of The Glitch Mob, neo-psychedelic world music band Simrit, multi-instrumentalist and DJ/producer Aabo, Afro-Latina DJ/producers and stylish twins Coco & Breezy, and many more.

Lightning in a Bottle defies the typical definition of a music festival by holding participation at its core. It’s a place where lifelong friendships, relationships, and memories are forged, a temporary home where excitement, fun, and surprise wait around every corner. It’s this type of immersive and interactive educational and cause-driven programming that helps to foster the sense of community that truly makes LIB an experience like no other.

Tickets to Lightning in a Bottle are on sale now via their website.

The Compass Learning & Culture Programming
Tejon Tribe
Billy Carson
Queen Afua
Louie Psihoyos & Travis Threlkel
Rasu Of The Yawanawa - Indigenous Culture Revival In The Amazon
Amanda Ravenhill of Buckminster Fuller Institute
Giuliana Furci, Sophia Roe & Nat Kelley - E.R.A. Presents Mycelial Voice
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - Standing Against Psychedelic Capitalism
Daniel Foor - Ancestral Healing & Reconnection
Lizzy Jeff - Hip Hop Culture & White Accountability
Oath Oracle - Revolution Of Wealth In The Aquarian Age
Jai Dev Singh - Radiant Body: Activating Your Magnetism
Nana Marina Cruz - Maya Tz’Utujil Cacao Ceremony
Grandmother Marza Millar - Prophecy Codes: Deeper Into The Shaking
Unveiling The Magdalene - Rites of Lightning Ritual Theatre
Darren Le Baron - Ethnomycology In Africa
Rachel Rossitto, Baelyn Elspeth & Isis - Emergence of Venus
Dr. J.J., Desiree Hurtak & Alan Steinfeld - Encountering UFOs & Cosmic Cultures
Isis Indriya - Doorway Into Oracle Arts & Divination
Tiffany Janay - Cultivating Intimacy & Emotional Maturity
Vive Organic - Regenerative Soil Practices & Juice
Chef Perla & Elevation Eating - Praise Cheezus: Elevated Nut Cheese
Zach + Kayla of Beloved’s Bread - Slow Food & Sourdough Pizza
Katelyn Louise of Pure Joy Planet - Green Keto: Bye Bye Sugar Cravings
Cristina Urioste & Rasa Foods - Curry Deconstructed: Ayurveda & Spices

Talks & Discussions
Regenerating Soil with Microbes
Cryptocurrency: The Ownership Economy
Queering The Liminal
Technology of Prayer
Fire-Adapted Communities: Building A Wildfire Resilient Future
Transforming Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Into Love
Resilience of Chamorro Food
And many more!

Art of Benevolent Leadership in Ritual Community
Psychedelic Jedi Training
Hope In The Anthropocene
Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music
Remote Viewing for Psychedelic Development
No Means No: How To (Not) Talk To Cops
Sprouted Nut N.O.G.: Nectar of the Gods
Fun With Fermentation
How To Make and Enjoy Mead
Plant-Based Tuna Salad Party
Elixirs & Radical Botanicals
And many more!

The Compass Artist Lineup
SG Lewis (DJ Set)
Parra For Cuva
Christian Löffler
Andre Power
Full Crate
Sasha Marie
Ayla Nereo
29 Palms
Coco & Breezy
Lizzy Jeff
El Papachango
Ali Farahani b2b Patrik Khach
Itai (Live)
Saqi ft Siren & Seer
Bohemian Cristal Instrument
Andreas One
Ayres Nouveau
Elijah Badua
Free Creatures
Giselle World
Joey Greiner
Kieran Behan
King Kurt
Little Dinosaur
Musica Nebulosa
Nii Tei
Rasu Yawanawa & Family
Ruby Chase
Sweet Anomaly
Thrive Choir
Timo Granzotti
Vintage Roots