Lightning in a Bottle Reveals Yoga & Movement, Art & Interactivity, and ArtClave & Live Painting Lineups for 2022 Edition

Article Contributed by Infamous Publi… | Published on Friday, April 8, 2022

Today, Do LaB, originators and creators of multi-faceted boutique festival Lightning in a Bottle, announced its Yoga & Movement, Art & Interactivity and ArtClave & Painting lineups ahead of its 2022 edition. This Memorial Day weekend, attendees will have the opportunity to relax and unwind their minds and souls through a vast array of interactive yoga, dance, movement, art, and healing classes alongside the recently announced Compass Learning & Culture programming and diverse musical lineup.

Attendees can take part in a number of revitalizing and mood-boosting activities under the transcendent and colorful structures of the Do LaB. Renowned movement practitioners will lead classes and workshops such as Amplified Yoga led by Donovan McGrath with Rob Garza (of Thievery Corporation), Ignite Abundance - Lakshmi Yoga Flow with Susanna Barkataki, Messy Asana: Unperfecting Your Flow with Tejal Patel, ACROYOGA 101: From Fear to Flying FUN! with Andrew 7 Sealy, and Deep Exhale - a yoga dance experience with Cristi Christensen & Marques Wyatt.

The offerings continue with Kundalini: Total System Recharge with Jai Dev Singh, Embodied Resilience Yoga with Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, Hoop ALIVE with Anah aka Hoopalicous, Serpentine Dream with Auberon, Sunday Stomp Ecstatic Dance with Dragonfly, and Unlock Your Shakti: Yoga, Fusion Belly Dance, & Flow with Deb Rubin among many more.

LIB has also announced immersive Art & Interactivity programming of all kinds, offering countless ways for attendees to chart their own unique visual and experiential journey. This includes the Fire Flow Zone, where the community can come together and have awe-inspiring nights of fire dancing while sharing their talent in a safe space. The Playa Relámpago beach house provides an inclusive space celebrating Latinx, African and Indigenous cultures. Attendees can find rest and relaxation in spaces like The Giving Tree, Gong Sanctuary, or Meditation Grove. Looking for a game? Pay a visit to Frick Frack and place your bets. The Fungineers Ice Cream Truck will be making its rounds with its psychedelic hip-hop puppet show for adults while the Vibeapple pineapple art car will be cruising around and spreading its good vibe. The endless amount of options provide what many consider a festival within a festival.

More highlights include Dün, an immersive floating video sculpture designed and built by Do LaB featuring more than 20 LED bars with beautiful video projection, as seen at RÜFÜS DU SOL’s shows last year at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. At The Mixtape portal, fans can pop a cassette into a boombox and let their inner ’80s child emerge. In the Must-Dash 5K Run, attendees can register to join or cheer on over 200 runners as they bolt through the campgrounds, sprint along the lake and dart by the stages.

Non-music performers add another dynamic to LIB’s Art & Interactivity programming. This includes sexy, sophisticated, singing and skating clown troupe Bijoulette, outrageous dance party Fou Fou Ha!, street dance culture movement Rugged Simbol, dance, drag, circus and theater company SISTER MAGIC, and diverse fire performer group The Firemingos.

LIB has additionally revealed the ArtClave + Living Painters billing, another way to be visually immersed in the overall experience. This includes Suminagashi - Art of Japanese Paper Marbling with Hamid Naemeh, Finding Your Way With Crochet! with Megan Boyd, Fractal Calligraphy with Jean-Pierre Araujo, Gelli Printmaking with Sasha A Vu, Body Painting with Radhika Hersey & Rio Sirah, Shabari Rope Tying with Kem Burns, Hand Embroidery LIB Keepsakes with Spacey Macie, and Sacred-Geometry n Paint Sesh with Elise White. Live painters will include Adam One, SPERO, Benedigital, Erica Robin, Gabriel Welch and more.

Community crafted goods and conscious cuisine round out LIB’s Marketplace & Food Vendors. Finds at The Marketplace include jewelry, clothing, skincare or fresh festival looks made by local and international artisans. LIB’s top tier Food Vendors offer plenty of organic and locally sourced options to keep bodies nourished and fueled. Check out the full Marketplace & Food Vendors lineup here.

For those seeking additional outlets of creative expression, LIB provides a bounty of options that defy the typical definition of a music festival, holding participation and connection at their core. It’s a place where lifelong friendships, relationships, and memories are forged, a temporary home where excitement, fun, and surprise wait around every corner. It’s this type of immersive and interactive programming that helps to foster the sense of community that truly makes LIB an experience like no other.

Tickets to Lightning in a Bottle are on sale now via their website.

LIB 2022 Yoga & Movement Lineup
Amplified Yoga - Donovan McGrath with Rob Garza (of Thievery Corporation)
Ignite Abundance - Lakshmi Yoga Flow - Susanna Barkataki
Messy Asana: Unperfecting Your Flow - Tejal Patel
ACROYOGA101: From Fear to Flying FUN! - Andrew 7 Sealy
Deep Exhale - A yoga dance experience - Cristi Christensen & Marques Wyatt
Kundalini: Total System Recharge - Jai Dev Singh
Embodied Resilience Yoga - Michelle Nayeli Bouvier
Hoop ALIVE - Anah aka Hoopalicous
Serpentine Dream - Auberon
Unlock Your Shakti: Yoga, Fusion Belly Dance, & Flow - Deb Rubin
Prana Flow Soul Session: Return to True Nature - Kelley Doyle
Release The Pandemic From Your Nervous System - Gianna De La Torre
AfroBeat Yoga Flow - Chioma Nwosu
Reset & Reconnect: A Restorative Practice - YOGI ZAIN
Nourish & Restore - Shawni
Embodying Yoga as Liberation - Harpinder Kaur Mann
Sukkha Yoga: Cultivating Ease & Good Space - Anjali Deva
Unfucked Yoga: come get yourself right - Colleen Lila Breeckner
Unlock Your Jiggle Potential ~ TwerkShop - Tristan St. Germain
Empowering Expression: Vocal Activation - Arula
The Space: a transformational embodiment experience. - Chelsea Didier
Power + Joy - ACE
Live: Ecstatic Ratchet - MYSTICAL JOYRIDE
Ecstatic Dance - Robin Parrish
Yin/Yang Mandala Flow & Visualization - Laurel Erilane + DJ Riley Bee
Yin-Thai Massage - James Kapicka
Ecstatic Alchemy Dance - Yohm
Bhakti Nidra & Sound Healing - Sita Devi
Contact Improv & Partner Yoga - Atasiea
Jedi Mind Training: Cultivating The Force - Naada Mas
Mindful Visualization - Shiva Mahesh
Regenerative Vinyasa Flow - Roxi Shohadaee
Bowspring Yoga - Nate Hogan
Buti Yoga - Karen The Wild Warrior
BreathPlay - Oracle J.
Meditation Class: Meditations for Feminine Magnetism - Charlotte Pizzella
Mindful Flow & Breath with live music - Meera Dhawan
Sound Immersion Experience - Danny Goldberg

LIB 2022 Art & Interactivity Lineup
Big Leroy's Karaoke
Do-Over! Beauty Salon & Barber Shop
Fire Flow Zone
Float Races
Must-Dash 5K Run
Playa Relámpago
RAD: Rink-a-Dink
The Mixtape
Electric Dandelions by Liquid PXL / Abram Santa Cruz
Frick Frack
Fungineers Ice Cream Truck by Fungineers
Funn Machine by Big Art Studios
Giving Tree Experience by Adam DeDecker / Giving Tree Family
Gong Sanctuary
Heart Star Portal & Crystaline DNA OctaPortal by Harlan Emil Gruber / TransPortals
Jive Joint by Jive Joint & SuperTallPaul
KUKER Mutant Vehicle by HitterPetter Productions
Martian Circus by Martian Circus
Meditation Grove by Tigre Mashaal-Lively / Make Love Visible
Om Shan Tea by Tea Tribe
On est pas bien là?! by Matthieu Dagorn
Surreality: a "3D" Blacklight and Reality Immersive Experience by Debi Cable
The Golden Ticket by The Golden Ticket
Unicorn Palace by Highlove Company
Vibeapple art car by Charles Dusastre
ZooFun JamPile by ZooFun
ZooFun KidZone by ZooFun

LIB 2022 ArtClave Lineup
Suminagashi | Art of Japanese Paper Marbling - Hamid Naemeh
Finding Your Way With Crochet! - Megan Boyd
Fractal Calligraphy - Jean-Pierre Araujo
Gelli Printmaking - Sasha A Vu
Body Painting - Radhika Hersey & Rio Sirah
Shabari Rope Tying - Kem Burns
Hand Embroidery LIB keepsake - Spacey Macie
Sacred-Geometry n Paint Sesh - Elise White

LIB Art & Interactivity - Non-Music Performers
Burning Desire
Eye See You
Fou Fou Ha!
La Sirenes
Psychopomp Dance Theater
Rugged Simbol
The Diddle Doos
The Firemingos
The Polymorphs
The Wanderin Cacti
Volta Creative

LIB 2022 Live Painters Lineup
Adam One
Alexander Carlbon
Alfredo Zagaceta
Amy Kells
Anthony Kraus
Ashley Church Art
Carolina Galleran
Casey Courey-Pickering
Christophe Gausparro
Collin Salazar
Danny Stephens
Chocolate David
Diego Melgoza
Dylan Thomas Brooks
Erica Robin
Gabriel Welch
Gavin Gerundo
Hamid Naemeh
Jasmine Bruce
Jean-Pierre Araujo
Jef Logan
Jesse Brown
John Gay
Julia Williams
Kaila Spencer
Katharine Tompkin
Lance Paullin
Lucas Rodriguez
Luke Schroeder
Stacks Malone
Megan Stumpfig
Moksha Marquardt
Nicholas Danger
Nicole Evans
Olivia Christian
Ram Jillio
Robert Louthan
Ryan Harris
Sabela Garcia Cuesta
Sam Wolf- Wolf X Dog
Sofia Venegas