Lisa Jeanette Launches New Album 'Jellyfish On The Moon'

Article Contributed by DMK Publicity | Published on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Chart-topping singer-songwriter Lisa Jeanette, whose latest hit holiday song “Mrs. Claus” (featuring iconic Folk Artist Vance Gilbert) skyrocketed to #1 on the December 2020 Folk Alliance International (FAI) Folk DJ chart, has announced that her much-anticipated album Jellyfish on the Moon released March 1 on all DSPs.

Garnering early support from some of the top folk DJs in the country, Jeanette’s sophomore release debuted at #12 on the FAI Folk DJ Chart in December thanks to its breakout single and unique “Kaleidoscope Folk” sound as she describes it. With elements of folk, jazz and 1970s pop, Jeanette explains that her music is a reflection of the influences that are constantly evolving and changing with time, as well as her exposure to fellow artists that continue to amaze and inspire her.

“I always struggle with the question ‘who are your influences’ because there are too many to name,” said Jeanette. “I am the youngest of nine, so early influences span three generations of older siblings’ tastes. I even got influenced in the recording studio by the session musicians while making this album. Everyone I encounter is a possible influencer.”

Jellyfish on the Moon, whose title is loosely based on the true story of NASA’s experiment of sending jellyfish to the Space Station to study the effects of zero gravity on the sea creatures’ equilibrium after returning to Earth, embodies a whirlwind of topics, ranging from the wistful to the whimsical, each expertly showcasing Jeanette’s songwriting dexterity.

To ensure that this eclectic eccentricity translated seamlessly, Jeanette partnered with Producer Glenn Barratt of MorningStar Studio, to masterfully record her compositions with both bold choices and musical sensitivity. A “who’s who” of all-star musicians were also brought in to create the magical sound of the album including Ross Bellenoit (guitar), Erik Johnson (drums) and Chico Huff (bass), who provided a wonderful collaboration of ideas and took each song lyric to task, creating a variety of arrangements to keep the listener’s ear attuned.

Surprise guest appearances by renowned artists including Gilbert, who has served as a mentor to Jeanette for several years and contributes his wit and charm to the aforementioned chart-topping “Mrs. Claus,” and the highly acclaimed Jay Davidson on saxes and flutes can also be found on the album, while spotlight performers lend added surprises to some of Jeanette’s standout songs. One of these tracks is the upbeat albeit comical “Aging Like a Son of a B,” which includes fiddle riffs by Gary Oleyar; while the more serene “Top of the Ferris Wheel” features a frolicking cello played by Michael G. Ronstadt.

Jellyfish on the Moon leaves no subject unturned and even the topic of historical fiction is in the mix with The Brahms Trilogy – three songs that depict the intense love triangle of Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms, each song told from the character’s perspective. From there, the album delves into more topical issues including women’s empowerment with “Don’t Blame Me (Jolene’s Reply),” which offers the other woman’s side of the iconic Dolly Parton song, and “Still You Choose Love,” an anthemic track highlighting the bravery of the LGBTQ community and their commitment to love against adversity.

“I get inspired by everyday occurrences, a post on Instagram, a science show on TV, a book about a composer. In the case of ‘Don’t Blame Me (Jolene’s Reply),’ it was a challenge from a fellow singer-songwriter on Facebook. It usually happens organically, and I never know where the muse is going to show up next,” said Jeanette. 

The official tracklisting for Jellyfish on the Moon is: 

Darling Of The Muses

Sky Don’t Fall

Don’t Blame Me (Jolene’s Rely)

Never Been To War

Jellyfish On The Moon

For You And I

You Don’t Look My Way

Top Of The Ferris Wheel


Still You Choose Love

I Am Nothing New

Aging Like A Son Of A B

Our Face

Mrs. Claus (Bonus Track)

Jellyfish on the Moon is Jeanette’s first full album release since her debut album Chasing Happy in 2017. Since that time, she was busy performing in and around the Philadelphia region at leading venues including The Kennett Flash, The Living Room, and Jamey’s House of Music. She also performed at many festivals like The Black Bear Festival in Goshen, CT, the Ladybug Festival, Wilmington DE, Turks Head Festival, The Downingtown Arts Festival, the Wayne Porch Festival, and the Chester County Restaurant Festival.

Jeanette’s performance at the 2020 Philadelphia Folk Festival Contest led her to be the first artist booked for the 2021 festival.

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