Loveless Effect Releases New Album

Article Contributed by Adam Jeffery-Jones | Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Loveless Effect are three best friends with a passion for creating music and a hunger for wanting to share that passion with the world. A unique country-blues-rock band from Buckeye, Arizona. Drawing from shared influences such as Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Rush, but also their individual influences, has resulted in a melting pot of genres and styles that have molded together to form the bands’ signature sound.

Seth Loveless comments, 'I wrote Black Smoke Rising as a metaphor for all of the destruction, disaster, and chaos etc. going on in our world. It was chosen as the single because musically it has a very epic sound to it with the dynamics changing. By dynamics I mean it starts off quiet and builds up then quiets down again. It adds dramatic effect to the metaphorical statement the song makes. A lot of people can relate to the statement as well.

As far as the EP goes, we think it has a very eclectic feel to it and there’s a song on there for everyone. You can hear the different styles of music uniquely blended together. It’s an EP that you could put in the car, listen to and just drive. You might speed up or slow down while driving depending on which song is playing!

We hope it takes people on a good a musical journey. As a band we think we have good musical chemistry together. We are all locked in rhythmically. All of our different influences individually blend together to create our sound.'