A Memorial And Musical Celebration For Jerry Granelli

Article Contributed by Jazz Promo Services | Published on Sunday, November 13, 2022

Curated by his son bass player J A Granelli, this special evening will bring together past students, collaborators and friends of the iconic Jazz drummer.

“I have put together and evening of songs I loved to hear him play, pieces he loved to play and songs that remind those performing of him,” writes his son, J. Anthony Granelli. “It will be an evening of great music and a fitting send-off for a true visionary of the Jazz world.”

The growing list of participants incudes:

Jay Clayton, Rinde Eckert, Jane Ira Bloom, Brad Shepik, Briggan Krauss, Jamie Saft, Michael Blake, Owen Howard, Michael Sarin, Peter Epstein and Aaron Alexander.

Jerry was a true force of nature, he will be greatly missed by his three children, five grand children and all of the countless people he touched through his music and spirit.

Jerry has spent his life dedicated to the art of improvisation, helping young musicians see the connection between life and the art they create and the ordinary magic of living a spontaneous life. A long time practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism Jerry has been an important proponent for people in all walks of life of meditation practice and living one’s life awakened and fearlessly.

Born in 1940, Drummer/Composer/Professor/Sound Painter Jerry Granelli has enjoyed an incomparable career in music from the inside out…way out! The winner of the last NEA Grant awarded ascended from playing with the great pianist Vince Guaraldi at the height of his popularity while simultaneously exploring Free Jazz on San Francisco’s thriving after hours sets in the early `60s to establishing academic arts curriculums to indoctrinate and perpetuate alternative musical forms such as Spontaneous Composition in the present. A pioneer of `60s psychedelic sounds, a sideman on a Top 5 pop hit and a session musician for Sly Stone, Granelli was a forward thinking master in the art of music. Since the late `80s, he recorded over 20 albums as a leader and/or soloist…in jazz and the indefinable beyond.


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