Michael Cleveland's Statement on GRAMMY® Nomination for 'Lovin’ Of The Game' in "Best Bluegrass Album" Category

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Michael Cleveland — the most awarded fiddler of all time — shares statement on his recent GRAMMY® nomination for his latest album, Lovin’ Of The Game, which has earned recognition in the “Best Bluegrass Album” category at the upcoming GRAMMY Awards®.

Michael Cleveland shares: “I want to express my deep gratitude for the incredible journey of Lovin’ Of The Game. The beginning of this project coincided with the pandemic, a time of uncertainty when we questioned if normalcy would ever return, especially in our ability to collaborate in-person in a studio. Learning ProTools became a silver lining, and the result was ‘Contact,’ a track recorded ironically in an era of limited contact — having to send files back-and forth digitally to other musicians. Thanks to Cody Kilby, Barry Bales and Béla Fleck for being part of my learning process with ProTools, for making this song a reality and the kickoff to the recording of this album.  

Shortly after, the talented songwriter Greg Poulos invited me to contribute to his original piece, ‘Sunny Days (Are Comin’ Once Again)’ — I knew immediately I wanted to record it. The song encapsulates the challenges of the pandemic, and gave me hope for that return to normalcy.

I’m immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to fulfilling my childhood dream of making music. This journey has exceeded my wildest imagination, offering opportunities to meet, learn from, and collaborate with musical heroes who've deeply influenced my passion. The unwavering support of the music community during a challenging industry period is something I truly appreciate. Each contributor to Lovin’ Of The Game, including my Flamekeeper bandmates — Josh Richards, Nathan Livers, Jasiah Shrode, and Chris Douglas — deserves this GRAMMY® nomination. Their unwavering support and exceptional talent were pivotal throughout the entire process.

I deeply thank Billy Strings, Vince Gill, Charlie Starr, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, The Travelin’ McCourys, Bryan Sutton, Dan Tyminski, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Luke Bulla, Cody Looper, Béla Fleck, Justin Moses, Cody Kilby, Barry Bales, and Larry Atamanuik for their exceptional musicianship on this project. A special acknowledgement to Jeff White and Sean Sullivan, invaluable allies in the recording process, whose presence was a privilege and a crucial element in bringing Lovin’ Of The Game to life.

Last but not least, a big thank you to The Recording Academy for validating my dedication and inspiring me to push musical boundaries. Your continuous recognition is truly appreciated, and I’m forever grateful for your celebration of the artistic endeavors that enrich our lives.”