Michal Menert Set To Release SPACE JAZZ Album 4/21

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Thursday, April 9, 2015

The wait is over and the age of Space Jazz is upon us. Michal Menert is set to finally release his third full-length album, Space Jazz, on Super Best Records this April 21st. 

Michal Menert is dubbed by fans and the press as ‘the godfather of electro-soul, and co-founded the original iteration of Pretty Lights with Derek Vincent Smith over ten years ago.  Having since launched a solo career that has taken him around the globe on tour and landing festival-headliner status, Menert is now a household name in the tight-knit world of hip-hop and soul infused electronic music.

His latest musical creation, the forthcoming Space Jazz album, is the product of two years of composition, recording and production, and is being called “the future of EDM” by critics. This is music that goes far beyond the realm of electronic music by also incorporating elements of funk, soul, blues, and afrobeat.  A bold and ambitious undertaking by any musical standard, this fifteen track LP features over twenty musicians delivering stunning instrumental & vocal performances - each brings organic creative elements to Menert’s progressive and emotional compositions.  Space Jazz marks a new chapter in the life and career of this Colorado-based artist. While it's soul and hip-hop backbone is cohesive with Menert's existing catalogue, the new LP is a standing testament to it's creator's musical prowess and ability to seamlessly incorporate a variety of influences. Without regard to custom or trends, Michal Menert shows us what new realms of possibilities open up when we reach for the stars