Michigan Rattlers Release "Never Been To Spain (Live in Chicago on March 12, 2020)"

Article Contributed by Press Here Publicity | Published on Saturday, May 9, 2020

Roots-rock band, Michigan Rattlers have put their own spin on Three Dog Night's "Never Been To Spain," giving the classic song a fresh and unique feel. The song had become both a staple and a fan favorite in the band's winter tour setlist before the tour was cut short. The song and video were both recorded live at their last tour stop in Chicago before everything shut down. PRESS HERE to listen and HERE to watch the coinciding single cam live video. "Lyrically, in the midst of COVID-19, this song has taken on a bit of a heavier sentiment," said the band's frontman Graham Young. "This feeling of admiring people and places from afar. It was certainly in the back of our minds that our tour might have to be truncated, but I don't think any of us thought the show in Chicago was gonna be the last one for awhile. I'm really glad we were able to capture the performance before everything got turned upside down. We're a band that lives for performing and for connecting with our audience. And for us and for the fans, it's a great reminder of what was and what will be again."

He continued, "Tony, the band's drummer, brought up the idea of covering 'Never Been To Spain.'He's a huge fan of the Elvis Presley version. On the road we always take turns DJ-ing music in the van after shows and he would always put the song on. We loved it and thought we should take a crack at it. Honest, I didn't realize how popular a song it is and I remember the crowd singing along so loudly the first time we played it. I was shocked by the response."

In February, the band released their first new single of 2020 - "Desert Heat."PRESS HERE to listen; and check out the first look from American Songwriter who describes the track as "A Mojave road trip, red dust kicked up by the wind and tires, windows down and shades on feeling invincible, like nothing can touch you.  On a conquest for something bigger, while recalling the treasured small things along the way. This is the exact imagery and notion fostered from the stellar new single by feel-good, folk-rockers Michigan Rattlers." The anthemic tune picks up right where their critically debut full length Evergreen(2018) left off, and fans can expect a new album later this year.

Michigan Rattlers have started rescheduling winter tour dates and are hoping to get back on the road this summer. Full routing can be found below, but all dates are subject to change. Please stay tuned to www.michiganrattlers.com for updates and information.