Mitsune wow with their Japanese folk tradition fusion

Article Contributed by Quite Great PR | Published on Thursday, January 6, 2022

Through the art of folklore, emotional storytelling and genre-bending, 5-piece power group Mitsune transports you to a world of vivid global fusion. Fronted by an all-female trio of shamisen players, accompanied by percussion and double bass, Mitsune take their love of Japanese folk music and infuse it with eastern blues, jazz, rock and cinematic influences, creating a uniquely addictive sound.

Based in Berlin, with members of the band hailing from Japan, Germany, Australia, and Greece, Mitsune traverses borders as they blend their diverse, culturally-driven compositions with rhythmic explorations of Japanese folk music. Having supported Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote) in Berlin, to performing extensively at festivals, concerts and events all across Europe, Mitsune’s trajectory continues toward their new album Hazama, set for release on February 18th, 2022.

Hazama (translating to ‘in between’ in Japanese) is an album that explores the feeling of being in limbo, caught between worlds. Filled with uplifting group vocals, strong driving rhythmic beats and an exciting range of instruments including shinobue, ney, qanun, koto and the Tsugaru shamisen (a 3-stringed Japanese folk instrument), the group immerses you not only with sounds you haven’t heard before, but with beautiful melodies and harmonies to match.

Set to release one single a week in the lead-up to the album launch, we are met with a feast of excitingly disparate compositions, all leading back to that common feeling of unity, a theme that Mitsune strongly communicates in every musical endeavor.

13th January - 'Maru' Live Video Release
20th January - 'Maru' Single Release (Digital)
27th January - 'Fusako no Hula' Single Release (Digital)
3rd February - 'Hazama' Animated Video Release
10th February - 'Kaigara Bushi' Single Release (Digital)