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Article Contributed by Backstage Flash | Published on Sunday, March 24, 2024

Most national touring bands don’t typically play ten shows in one state, but then again, moe. is not your typical band. They are more like a musical montage spinning at furious speeds, constantly gaining momentum from each other and their loyal fan base, lovingly and respectfully called moe.rons. Hailing from upstate New York, the band feels more like they are from all fifty states as they have made forever friends and fans throughout their journey. moe. has enhanced, nourished, and expanded peoples' lives much like a healthy marriage. Heck, they have been a band for thirty years—longer than most marriages, which are usually to one other person, not a whole group of people. They have persevered, ignored patterns and trends, and have transcended their space in time on this planet by generously sharing their craft.

moe. at Washington's

When you look at the musical portrait moe. paints on any stage and in any location anywhere in the world, there is one certainty: that is damn fine music. Music so inspirational and moving that you want to pass it on like an athlete passing the baton in a relay race. You want to tell your friends; you want to share the emotion with your kids. If you don’t have kids, you want to have kids so you can share the joy you get from the band with them. What can you say about this band that is beyond description and has not been said before? Well, it’s simple; you don’t have to say anything. Your expression of joy is enough to convey the feeling you get from the band to the person dancing next to you. That vibe between everyone cascades around the room with great momentum and unspoken energy, filling souls and minds with blissful satisfaction.

Al Schnier | moe.

Bands come in and out of our lives, and moe. is not going anywhere but up. They have successfully cultivated uniqueness; they are gatherers of followers, most of whom have been there from the very beginning, while others have been scooped up along the way. Starting their musical journey three decades ago was a very grassroots situation for the band. And it still feels that way. You have the mesmerizing synergy and the unknown of what they might try next, all supported by a massive, empowered fan base. But after all is said and done, moe. is still a grassroots band with a rather large extended family.

Rob Derhak | moe.

The band divides their creative time between the studio and the stage. They have made good use of both these important aspects of their career. With a dozen albums released and countless days and nights performing for audiences around the world, the band continues to leave an undeniable contribution to the history of modern music. moe. is a creation of its own design; they might not even know what they have done, but as I mentioned earlier, the depiction is in the mind of the listener, and that belongs to that person to interpret any way they see fit.

Washington’s - Fort Collins, Colorado

The sold-out first night of the band's two-night run at Washington's was electrifying, even before entering the building. Grateful Web spent a few minutes chatting with eager moe. fans to gather their thoughts on the band and their music. Some attendees had been to all the Colorado shows, while others were experiencing moe. for the first time. We talked to a couple who hadn't seen a moe. show in twenty years. The crowd's age range was broad, from the young to the well-seasoned. It was thrilling to see a new generation of fans digging the music just as much as those who could sing along to every song and appreciate every nuance of the band's live performance.

Chuck Garvey | moe.

When moe. took the stage the room erupted with excitement, it felt like the audience was saying hello to old friends creating a cool vibe right out of the gate. Al Schnier on guitar and vocals, Chuck Garvey also on guitar and vocals, Rob Derhak on bass and vocals, Vinnie Amico on drums, Jim Loughlin on percussion and newest member now into his second year with the band Nate Wilson on keyboards and vocals. Personally for me I had not seen the band in a few years so the anticipation of a keyboard player was really high for me. The bands already full sound just got bigger, bolder and broader in many ways. Wilson on keyboards had acute sensibilities about filling spaces with improvisational melodies keeping the rhythm of the wildly intellectual arrangements flowing freely. What a spectacular addition to the band and the guy can sing.

moe. | Washington's

Opening the show with 'Time Again' set the venue ablaze. The improvisational prowess of each band member leaped from the stage directly into the audience. The swirling kaleidoscope of sound that the journeymen of jam produced was truly extraordinary, as their exploratory nature captivated your soul. The shared guitar responsibilities between Garvey and Schnier amounted to a mind-altering sensory onslaught. Despite their distinct styles, the energy and feel of their play were harmoniously aligned, powered by their respective guitar rigs. Both Garvey and Schnier, with their face-melting capabilities, could scorch the earth with their searing guitar solos and simultaneously cool it down with their loose, robust rhythms. Derhak, anchoring the front line of the stage on bass, was as solid as they come. His thick grooves enveloped the room, filling every inch with deep, resonant bass lines that offered clear, distinct notes and a soulful vibe.

Vinnie Amico | moe.

The undeniable force behind the drums was Vinnie Amico. He incorporates pretty much every genre of music into his drumming style. Blues, rock, jazz, funk, they are all in there. He is so adaptable to the music going on around him and picks up on everything so fast it was fascinating to witness. His percussion partner, Jim Loughlin, had an array of instruments around him, and he put them all to the rock and roll test. The mix of a traditional drum kit from Amico coupled with the eclectic line of instruments by Loughlin, including xylophone, vibraphone, conga drums, and more, built a wall of sound that was thick, technical, and foot-stomping fun.

Jim Loughlin | Washington's

The sets were full of tasty treats including ‘Paper Dragon’, ‘Again and Again’, ‘Meat’, and many more, including ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ to close out the show. We have included a photo of the full set. The show was amazing, the band was having fun as was the audience, and the energy between the two was electric. moe. knows what to do and they do it over and over again, delivering a musical journey to an ever-growing audience that is awe-inspiring. If you are going tonight to the last show of the Colorado run, have fun and enjoy the wild ride!

Nate Wilson | Fort Collins, CO

moe. set list - 3/23/2024

Thanks, moe., for visiting Fort Collins, and thanks to Washington’s staff and all of the guests.