Moon Walker returns with groovy + gritty track "American Dream Come True" | Summer 2023 tour

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Sunday, May 21, 2023

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker returns with his latest gritty single "American Dream Come True" out everywhere now, along with an accompanying video. Over an irresistible guitar loop and fuzzy, distorted vocals, the track explores the impacts of a toxic work culture that runs rampant throughout the U.S.

Later this month, the musician will kick off his first-ever U.S. tour in Philadelphia, PA on May 31 with support from Baby Bugs, Annabel Lee and Similar Kind on various dates. Tickets are on sale now via

"American Dream Come True," out today, tackles toxic American work culture and its damage on mental health. Though the track is filled with Moon Walker's signature skepticism of the nation's culture and norms, the latest single marks a notable shift in the rocker's approach to making music. Moon Walker says, "It was my first time using samples of any kind and the vocal performance was quite a bit less melodic than my other music. Lyrically, it serves as a commentary on “hustle culture,” while also discussing the depression that comes as a result of it."

Its accompanying video, directed by longtime collaborator Madison McConnell, is the start of a new chapter of Moon Walker, one that sets the tone for much more to come. The video finds Harry Springer, the man behind Moon Walker, face to face with his alter-ego–Moon Walker the musician. McConnell reveals, “The video takes you into a fever dream following Harry and his alter ego, Moon Walker, where Harry begins to lose himself within his alter ego. This video is the preface for what’s to come in a chain of music videos that will follow."

Moon Walker praises McConnell's vision, adding, "She always interprets my songs in the most unique, interesting way and she is truly a master at communicating her interpretation, visually. This video was as fun to film as I hope it is to watch."

Watch "American Dream Come True" (Official Music Video)

Today's much anticipated release comes following Moon Walker's electrifying sophomore LP The Attack Of Mirrors, which arrived in October 2022. The project finds the musician elevate his nostalgic, alternative garage rock sound over ten eclectic tracks. Springer expands on the poignant, timely lyrics and the thrashing garage rock sound that made his first offering such a success, while also introducing multiple new elements into the fold.

With his second LP, Moon Walker reflects on the various effects the pandemic had on his life, and took a hard look in the mirror. Moon Walker explains, "Making this record was really my way of navigating through the pandemic. In addition to the emotional havoc that was wreaked on the vast majority of human beings, I felt like my career was reaching a dead end. My band was breaking up, jobs weren't easy to come by, my first solo record hadn't yet seen any success, and my future felt more uncertain than it ever had before. When so little in life is going your way, it's easy to start hating what you see in the mirror. And when you hate what you see in the mirror, you tend to put a lot of hatred into the world." In 2022, the album garnered 25M+ streams across platforms and now the musician is gearing up to finally bring it to eager audiences live in 2023.

Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harry Springer created Moon Walker initially as a way to pass time and make extra money through selling songs to sound libraries. Now, Springer composes, produces and performs under the moniker after Moon Walker's debut album, Truth to Power, turned the heads of several tastemakers and garnered millions of streams on Spotify.

Westword called Moon Walker's work, "Fuzzed-out 70's rock bliss...politically charged rock music with a sound akin to the White Stripes. Lyrically, the songs are confrontational and sarcastic." New Noise Magazine encouraged listeners to, "Envision a beautiful marriage between The White Stripes, The Talking Heads, even Wild Cherry...there’s a depth to Moon Walker’s music fueled by an old-soul feeling."

Raving about his sophomore effort, EUPHORIA. added, "Moon Walker’s The Attack of Mirrors embodies the perfect juxtaposition between raw lyricism, coupled with high-intensity rock that creates a distinct sound all his own. Listeners are immersed in a battle between autonomy and authority."

The summer tour, with support from Baby Bugs, Annabel Lee and Similar Kind on various dates, will begin in Philadelphia, PA on May 31 and hit several East Coast cities like Washington D.C., New York City and Boston, MA. Throughout June, the rocker will move West to Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA. On July 15, Moon Walker will play in Chicago, IL, then Nashville, TN on July 17 and will complete the tour in Columbus, OH on July 19. See a full list of dates below and grab tickets now at

"American Dream Come True" is out everywhere now. Don't miss Moon Walker live this summer across the U.S. for the very first time with tickets on sale now here. Keep up with the rising rocker on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned for much more to come.