Mota Goes Dead On The Hill in Boulder | (DEAD & CO PRE PARTY) - 6/30/23

Article Contributed by Fox Theatre | Published on Tuesday, May 16, 2023

SO I heard you like to boogie on down aye?

Mr. Mota – Max Lerman [vocals, keys], Rosen [vocals, guitar], Willie Vogel [guitar], Ari Lerman [bass], and Brendan Lamb [drums] – wondrously blend genres with intense jams, crowd-capturing hooks, and a fiery young energy that is only possible from a group of tight-knit friends. The band formed in May of 2021 from a backyard graduation party in Boulder, Colorado. One show was all it took for the group to receive countless other offers to play more in Boulder. From there, the band landed on the name Mr. Mota and off they went, booking shows across the state, from Denver, Durango, Grand Junction, and everywhere in between. With their first single released in November 2022, after a year and a half of playing and touring, Mr. Mota built their following on their live shows. They have been working tirelessly to build a local fan base and were able to celebrate their work headlining the Fox Theater twice in December ‘21 and May ‘22, selling 500+ tickets per show.

As most bands tend to release music from the moment they form and build their live music performances slowly around their released music. Mr. Mota has done the opposite. Mr. Mota has an affinity for performing live shows and their ability to quickly pick up a following in the area has proven such. The members believe that focusing on live performances for their first year and a half was essential to build the camaraderie and flow that’s needed to make hit records in the studio. Now, the era of only being able to listen to Mr. Mota songs at a venue has changed. The fans have spoken and Mr. Mota has listened.

Fall of 2022 is a pivotal point for Mr. Mota as they are set to release their first single, “Smoke Too Much” on November, 2nd. The band has acknowledged that their main goal for 2023 is to get into the national spotlight. In order to achieve that, they have booked studio sessions at multiple studios this fall including Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO and The Spot Studios in Evergreen, CO. They are continuing to book shows in the area throughout the winter and spring with emphasis on opening for touring acts in order to build regional and national exposure.




Friday, June 30, 2023

Doors: 8:30 pm | Show: 9:00 pm


All Ages