Mouth releases The New Era of Funk EP

Article Contributed by Pipeline Productions | Published on Monday, February 13, 2012

The New Era of Funk is Mouth’s first studio recorded and mixed release.  While Mouth has put out several live albums and recordings, this will be the first ever studio album released from the band.Mouth made a conscious decision to delay working in a studio until they had developed their sound to where they saw fit. The writing process in the studio lead to new sounds and textures that could only be produced in a studio environment. Hermon Mehari and Brandon Draper provide guest tracks on the tune 'Moufhaus,' otherwise everything you hear is played by the members of Mouth.About Mouth:The Groove Comes First! This is the motto of the Kansas City/Lawrence based instrumental trio Mouth. The band dubs their sound as Cosmic Funk. Consisting of pulsing rhythms, copious amounts of bass, and soaring textural layers Mouth creates funky vibes on the fly that range in influence from funk, fusion, and reggae to dubstep, house, and hip hop. This combined with extensive amounts of improvisation leads every night to be a one of kind evening. By using a plethora of modern, custom equipment, including live looping, the band transforms the traditional 3 piece setup into what sounds at times like full Cosmic Funk Orchestra. Mouth has been causing riots on dance floors since late 2008, and they continue to push the boundaries further and further at each show.