Multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years drops "Shades On" ahead of Voyage Ahead Pt. 2 EP

Article Contributed by JSloane Creative | Published on Friday, September 30, 2022

Shape-shifting producer and multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years paints pictures within his blues-inspired, bass-heavy soundscapes. This evocative, genre-melding sound has cultivated the New York-based, Vermont-born artist a fervent fanbase and led to multiple performances at Red Rocks alongside the likes of ZHU, STS9, and Pretty Lights.

In August, Marvel Years unleashed Voyage Ahead Pt. 1, the first part of a two part EP series designed to take listeners on a thematic journey from the core basics of the Marvel Years’ brand into exciting new sonic ventures. Born out of intense self-reflection at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, the Voyage Ahead concept represents Marvel Year’s love for live instrumental playing from a time when performing wasn’t possible, resulting in the artist’s most innovative work yet and a display for the immense possibilities of what Marvel Years can be.

This journey now continues with “Shades On,” the first single to drop from Marvel Years’ forthcoming Voyage Ahead Pt. 2 EP. Inspired by a sunset drive on the Pacific Coast Highway in LA, “Shades On” is the sonic embodiment of cool. The track evokes feelings and images of a Tarantino-style crime tale, with a central character cruising by the Pacific Ocean, shades on, on the way to the biggest heist of his life.

“Shades On” continues Marvel Years’ penchant for melding blues-style guitar playing with intricate electronic craftsmanship. The track kicks off with an infectious riff that slowly builds with a rising synth layer, added guitar melodies, thumping kick drums, and vocal samples. The song then moves along like a story would, seamlessly transitioning into a propulsive rhythm and taking listeners through the auditory scene.

“Shades On” then drops into the song’s climax, an epic, bass-fueled section full of dubstep wubs, triumphant synth chord progressions, hard-hitting drums, and deep, trunk-rattling bass tones.

And with a finale replete with sweeping guitar solos and futuristic sound design washing away into the riff that started off the track - effectively completing the sonic full circle -  Marvel Years closes his story with a swift getaway.

Fans can immerse themselves in the Voyage Ahead universe at Marvel Years’ forthcoming headlining show at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Friday, October 7, 2022. The event will vaunt a unique, two-part performance: a solo Marvel Years set preceded by a Marvel Years Trio set featuring Jason Leech alongside Emancipator/Manic Focus drummer Colby Buckler. The solo set will spotlight Marvel Years’ eclectic skills as he bounces between guitar, synths, and the DJ board for a bass-heavy performance. The Marvel Years Trio set will then see the multi-instrumentalist flex his abilities as a bandleader, with the jamtronica sounds from Jason Leech’s keys and the powerful, versatile drumming from Colby Buckler coming together to complement Marvel Years’ more soulful, instrumental-driven sonics.

Marvel Years will also display his live performance prowess throughout the fall at festivals such as Freaky Deaky and Voyager V.

Marvel Years tour dates

10/5/22 - 10/6/22: Voyager V - Louisville, KY
10/7/22: Cervantes Otherside - Denver, CO
10/8/22:  Star Theatre - Portland, OR+
10/9/22: The Big Dirty - Eugene, OR+
10/14/22: Vibe Nightclub - Fort Walton Beach, FL^
10/21/22: Lost Coast Festival - Key West, FL
10/22/22: The Chop Shop - Chicago, IL
10/29/22 - 10/30/22: Freaky Deaky - Baytown, TX
12/9/22: Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore, MD^
12/10/22: The Broadberry - Richmond, VA^

*Sitting in w/ Manic Focus Live Band

+Support to Papadosio

^Support to SoDown