A Night with Silversun Pickups: Celebrating Two Decades of Music at Boulder Theater

Article Contributed by Boulder Theater | Published on Thursday, February 8, 2024

The acclaimed rock band Silversun Pickups is thrilled to announce a special performance at the Boulder Theater on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Fans of the band will have the opportunity to experience an electrifying live show, featuring tracks from their latest album, Physical Thrills, alongside beloved classics. Doors will open at 7:00 PM with the show starting at 8:00 PM.

Ticket Sales Start Soon

Tickets for this must-see event will go on sale on Friday, February 16, at 10 AM. They can be purchased HERE with prices set at $39.50 in advance and $45.00 on the day of the show, plus applicable service fees. This event welcomes fans of all ages, making it a perfect night out for everyone.

About the Album Physical Thrills

Physical Thrills is Silversun Pickups' sixth studio album, marking a new chapter in their storied career. The album emerged unexpectedly during the challenging times of the pandemic, showcasing the band's ability to innovate and adapt. With guitarist and singer Brian Aubert at the helm, the band, including bassist Nikki Monninger, drummer Christopher Guanlao, and keyboardist Joe Lester, has crafted a record that pushes their sound into new territories while staying true to the essence that fans have grown to love.

Recorded with the legendary producer Butch Vig, Physical Thrills includes an eclectic mix of songs, from shoegaze-infused tracks to pop-tinged tunes and dreamy ballads. The album reflects the band's journey through isolation, creativity, and rediscovery, offering listeners a profound and engaging experience.

A New Direction That Honors Their Roots

While the album ventures into new sonic landscapes, it also pays homage to the band's origins. The "dream shanties" featured in the album echo the spirit of "Dream At Tempo 119" from their debut record, Carnavas, linking past and present. This record not only showcases the band's musical evolution but also highlights their tight-knit collaboration and the unique contributions of each member.

Celebrating Over Two Decades of Music

Having been together for twenty-two years, Silversun Pickups continue to cherish their journey in music, always seeking out new ways to express themselves and connect with their fans. Physical Thrills is a testament to their enduring creativity and commitment to their art.

"We've been together for over two decades, and it's incredible that we still love what we do," says bassist Nikki Monninger. "We're so happy with how this album turned out and can't wait to share it live with our fans at the Boulder Theater."

Don't miss your chance to see Silversun Pickups live in Boulder. Secure your tickets early and be part of an unforgettable night of music and community.