Northern Nights 2016 Brought The City To The Country On The County Line

Article Contributed by Northern Night… | Published on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Mendocino/Humboldt County Line exploded with an abundance of love, inspiration and sublime vibes as the 4th Annual NNMF respectfully expanded into both Counties for an incredible weekend featuring a collection of the biggest names in music plus a slew of new interactive environments for roaming revelers to explore.

The goal of Northern Nights is to create a place where people from the city, country, or anywhere in between can come and participate behind the Majestic Redwoods and be present with one another, setting aside the distracting technology that is around us every day.

The vibe is cultivated by all participants, from the co-creators who show up early to help build to the service providers and production crews that spend countless hours ensuring safety and finding the creativity to show the attendees of Northern Nights something they’ve never seen before. These efforts result in an experience, which brings so much joy and appreciation it can be hard to describe all that is Northern Nights in words!

For three days, attendees enjoyed a scintillating soundscape against the backdrop of a winding river and towering Redwoods - famous to the location - topped off by 2016 headlining acts: soulful, saxophonist Griz, trapped-out beatmaker Troyboi and Gorgon City Live & DJ Set. Commanding the presence of the surrounding woods, headliners were joined on the main stage by electrifying sets from The Knocks and the ever-elusive, masked Claptone who unleashed an unforgettable Immortal Live set. Curating one of the biggest lineups on the festival circuit this season, Northern Night highlights also featured sets from Amon Tobin/Two Fingers, MOONZz, Stephen, Dawn, and The Coup.

The allure of a refreshing dip in the river brought wanderers directly into the cool embrace of the River Stage where Lafa Taylor, SNBRN & Prince Fox took turns guiding elated campers on an auditory journey through the depths of space and time. Each bend in the river unveiled new territories just waiting to be discovered by curious thrill-seekers.

The 2016 festival grounds were nothing short of spectacular with several new key immersive environments to explore. Expanding sanctioned renegade stages offered oasis experiences for the hundreds who stumbled upon them while churning out the best of the underground along the riverbed. The famed Silent Disco served as the top destination for after-hours shenanigans complete with a set from headliners Gorgon City and SNBRN. Onlookers marveled at the expansive range of offering which included the first-ever Leafly Tree Lounge 215 Medical Cannabis Zone, breathtaking art installations, and mindful meditative yoga sessions throughout the grounds of Cook’s Valley’s ethereal landscape.

The Grove featured performances by Horses Heaven, Object Heavy, Zera, Metamorphosis Ballet and many more, including late night performances by Govinda, Violin Girl, Stephen, MOONZz and Eli Be Loved, stunning their audience with intimate sounds, reminiscent of a night in your friend’s living room. Elevated high in the Redwoods was the Kitty Castle where attendees could climb to another level to experience the music, burlesque, and daytime yoga and movement classes.

With an active community of participant’s year ‘round, the true magic of Northern Nights springs to life behind the majestic Redwoods at the Humboldt / Mendocino County Line. The entire Northern Nights team is filled with joy and gratitude for each and every individual who ventured to the festival to experience firsthand the beauty of the thriving community. A very special thanks goes out to all of the producers, curators and co-creators who came together to deliver a memorable weekend!

Tickets for the first installment of Northern Nights, happening July 14-16, 2017 will go on sale Thursday July 28th at 10am to previous ticket holders and Friday July 29th at 10am for first timers. Tickets can be bought at