A Note Two Self Releasing New Single "Love Drunk"

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Note Two Self--the musical moniker of Mike Richards--is releasing his new alluring single, “Love Drunk,” on Friday, December 4.

A Note Two Self is a native to Alexandria, VA and his musical roots run deep in the soil. His interest in music began as a young child to escape the boredom of sitting in a classroom. “I hated math and science in 3rd and 4th grade,” says Richards. “I saw some kids going to band or orchestra instead so I joined those classes learning violin and clarinet, because anything was better than the alternative. Eventually I picked up a guitar and became obsessed with learning my favorite songs on the radio.”

From learning music in school and joining alt-rock band, The Offset; Richards eventually found his sound within a solo career. “My guitarist quit, a mate got married and my drummer moved to New York. I started working on my own because I wanted to continue playing, and felt it has always been something I'm meant to do.” Following his instincts, Richards chose A Note Two Self to be his music’s identity. “A Note Two Self was almost a reminder to me that when I took the step toward music, that I was gonna treat it like a language and immerse myself in it in order to learn the ins and outs. I was going to sort out how I was going to turn this into my livelihood and never settle for less.” Since A Note Two Self’s creation in 2017, Richards has released multiple singles, an EP and has had many local touring opportunities. A Note Two Self’s main influence is to allow the music to speak for itself and getting to the heart of life’s matters.