The Nouveaux Honkies Turn It Up For Their New Album

Article Contributed by Miss Jill PR | Published on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just as Chris Smith and Charles McCarron wrote in their 1916 hit song "Down In Honky Tonk Town," "It's underneath the ground, where all the fun is found,” The Nouveaux Honkies are right in the thick of it.

Honky Tonk Country is a sophisticated art form. It’s simple in the message but not in melodic chords; a lot of masters of music can’t play the intricate melodies and English professors can’t pass the “no mores” or “no goods” and the word ain’t. Its ragtime roots are based on jazz and blues for feeling and The Appalachians for musical chops. The idea of honky tonk was to be down to earth, gritty and directly speak to the blue-collar folk after a long day of work. Cheap beer, dancing and sometimes located in the red-light districts of towns across the country these places were hopping on any given Friday night.

Hank Williams, Sr. to Loretta Lynn back to Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson, a lot of them were living the same lives as the bar patrons.  Sometimes it saved them, and sometimes it killed them.

In this place where some folks come together

In this place where some folks fall apart

In this place where we come out of the weather

In this place we can make a new start.  – In This Place

With the opening chords, of Loud In Here, The Nouveaux Honkies strike that very emotion that is in Honky Tonk with a modern twist. It’s a collection of love songs, hate songs, and a cover of the classic, “Wichita Lineman.” It’s also a charming vignette, for the married duo bring their life of burnt dinners and cold coffee from their RV to the stage. This vagabond couple lives in an RV – most of the time.

Well, that’s how the legend goes...

In mid-2014, Rebecca Dawkins and Tim O’Donnell, of The Nouveaux Honkies, hoisted anchor and set sail in their rebuilt RV.  The journey started in South Florida and took them as far west as the Rockies, as far north as the Great Lakes, as far east as Cape Cod, and returned south for the winter. It’s been somewhere around 150 thousand miles, 600 shows, and at least one million smiles that have influenced The Nouveaux Honkies and their latest recording, Loud in Here, which will be released March 2, 2018.

I didn’t ask for this; I just can’t see around the corner

There’s a wreck about to happen that will leave me broke and torn

but somethings gotta die to make room for something born.  - Loud In Here

In this new collection, the couple nod to the greats and by creating their gumbo they reveal from a long stretch of highway influences, what makes them happy. Fans love their authenticity and critics adore their charm.

The Nouveaux Honkies look forward to the new release and performing for the folks that afforded them the life they love. Check out their website for more info on dates: