Open Studio Releases 'Peter Martin & Generation S': A Fresh Take on Jazz for 2023

Article Contributed by | Published on Friday, December 1, 2023

Open Studio is thrilled to announce the release of 'Peter Martin & Generation S,' a compelling new album that brings a fresh perspective to the jazz scene. Out today in CD, LP, and digital formats, this album is a vibrant exploration of contemporary jazz, answering the intriguing question of what jazz in 2023 sounds like.
Peter Martin, the visionary behind this project, shares his inspiration: "‘Generation S’ was born from my desire to answer some questions: What does jazz sound like in 2023? Can a rhythm section of veteran gen X’ers combine forces with a bad-ass Gen Z saxophone whiz to form a new breed of modern 'Gen S' jazz? Can we record an entire album that’s alive, interactive, and accessible, while walking the tightrope of no edits or second takes? The answers lie within my new album and band ‘Generation S’."
The album features standout singles like "Groove Echo Chamber" and "Gratitude In Motion,” showcasing a harmonious blend of experienced musicians and youthful zest, which defines the album’s unique sound. Adding to the album's appeal is an exclusive Open Studio course that delves into Martin's composition process, providing an engaging learning experience with access to each tune's lead sheets.

Joining Martin are renowned musicians: Reuben Rogers on bass, Gregory Hutchinson on drums, and Sarah Hanahan on saxophone. Each artist contributes their distinct flair, enriching the album's diverse sound palette. Complementing the music is the live artwork creation by Cbabi Bayoc, adding a visual narrative to the auditory experience.

'Peter Martin & Generation S' is more than just an album; it’s a creative journey that bridges generational gaps in jazz, offering a lively, interactive, and unedited exploration of modern jazz. This album is a celebration of collaboration, showcasing the evolving landscape of jazz in 2023.

‘Peter Martin & Generation S’ – Track List
1. Generation S
2. That’s What’s Up
3. Path Adjacent
4. Groove Echo Chamber
5. Gratitude In Motion
6. Abstract Courage
7. Alfred T
8. Finding Our Infinity