Orebolo | Capitol Theatre | 2/8/2024

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Orebolo, the three-piece acoustic side project containing members from Goose, kicked off a three-night run at the storied Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY last Thursday, February 8th. This trio has come a long way since their debut at the Fred Festival as the AGOOSEtic trio, and continues to serve up stripped-down Goose songs as well as other favorites in a mellow environment. This three-night run marked the only dates for Goose or Orebolo during the winter, besides the appearance at Dead Ahead, making this run special for the fans who could attend.

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda | Orebolo

The evening began with a seated crowd, a line of candles on the ground, and classy lights that formed a semi-circle on the stage. "Lead the Way" kicked off the festivities with a bubbly tune to get the juices flowing. Guitarist Peter Anspach was all smiles while he sang the next tune, "Elizabeth." Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda layered in his incredible guitar skills during this tune, developing highs and lows in the stripped-down melody.

Guitarist Peter Anspach | Orebolo

A sweet version of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" was next. The crowd was invigorated with this first-time played tune. Goose favorite "Turbulence & The Night Rays" followed with an elegantly stacked melody that really hit home. Newer Goose tune "Not Alone" followed.

Bassist Jeff Arevalo | Orebolo

A pair of first-time played tunes was up next, starting with "No California" by Illsey Juber, the British American singer and songwriter from California. Upon the conclusion of the song, Anspach gave a shout out to Cotter Ellis, who is the newly anointed drummer for Goose. He waved to the crowd from the Presidential Boxes with a huge grin as the crowd engaged in a welcoming "Gooooose" chant. "Spain" from the renowned jazz musician Chick Corea completed the pair. This song included notable snapping from bassist Jeff Arevalo.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

Orebolo original "Dim Lights" proceeded what can only be described as an inspired "So Ready." This song never fails to get the crowd going, and tonight was no exception despite the acoustic setting. The high energy composed section exploded as the crowd joined in with clapping. Both guitarists displayed their skills and ended the first of six sets on a very high note.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

Goose original "Turned Clouds" kicked off the second set. Jam vehicle "Arrow" followed, and did not disappoint. Arevalo used the bow on his stand up bass, which was a nice contrast to the guitars. The unfinished tune segued into "Where Is My Wild Rose" by folk singer and songwriter Chris Thompson.

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

An upbeat "Hot Tea" came with a jam that went in many directions. "Mad World" by Tears for Fears brought cheers from the crowd and a more chill jam. The band performed the first of many Grateful Dead covers next, starting with "New Speedway Boogie." The Grateful Dead played in this building many times, as well as numerous side projects. Mitarotonda's vocals were on point, as they were the entire show.

Cotter Ellis waves to the crowd | Orebolo

The show saw a return to the Goose catalog with the euphonic "A Western Sun." The heavy hitter "Arcadia" closed out this set with vigor. The trio returned to encore with newer Goose tune "Arise."

Fans enjoyed the show | Orebolo

Stay tuned for more coverage of Orebolo's three night stand at the Capitol Theatre. Also, visit their tour page often, as they generally release a few dates at a time. Their current schedule includes the Levitate and Solshine festivals.

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Set One: Lead the Way, Elizabeth, Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright[1], Turbulence & The Night Rays, Not Alone[2], No California[3], Spain[4], Dim Lights, So Ready
Set Two: Turned Clouds, Arrow[5] > Where Is My Wild Rose[6], Hot Tea, Mad World[7], New Speedway Boogie[8], A Western Sun, Arcadia
Encore: Arise
Coach's Notes:
[1] Bob Dylan. FTP.
[2] FTP as Orebolo.
[3] Ilsey Juber. FTP.
[4] Chick Corea. FTP as Orebolo.
[5] Unfinished.
[6] Chris Thompson. FTP.
[7] Tears For Fears.
[8] Grateful Dead.

Setlist via elgoose.net

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda for the win | Orebolo

Orebolo | Capitol Theatre