OWSLEY STANLEY FOUNDATION Presents an Album Launch Party and Benefit Concert Featuring Wake the Dead

Article Contributed by Dennis McNally | Published on Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Chieftains are the superstars of traditional Celtic music, playing around the world and recording with everyone from Mick Jagger to Luciano Pavarotti. On September 2nd, the Owsley Stanley Foundation will release The Foxhunt, recorded in 1973 (and also 1976) on the Chieftains’ first tour of America.

If you wonder how the Chieftains, who are not associated with anything stronger than Guinness, connected to Owsley, the wizard of LSD (and sound recording), you are not alone.  It’s a very good story.  One member of the Grateful Dead’s wider circle, the very Irish Chesley Millikin, worked at the Dead’s booking agency, Out of Town Tours, and turned Jerry Garcia on to The Chieftains.

Garcia not only invited them to open for an Old and in the Way show at the Boarding House, he arranged for them to be interviewed on San Francisco’s hip community central radio station, KSAN—with Jerry doing some of the interviewing.

Since Owsley was recording OAIW (the session that produced the record was the following week), he was set up to capture the Chieftains too, and did so.

It’s a wonderful show, and the release even has some of the radio interplay between Jerry and the lads.

The Irish know how to celebrate, and so do Dead Heads.  Peri’s is the place to be.


Presents an 

Album Launch Party and Benefit Concert


 Wake the Dead

The World's Only Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band

Celebrating Owsley's recordings of The Chieftains in San Francisco in 1973 & 1976

Saturday, October 8 at Peri's Tavern, Fairfax

Doors at 2 pm, Interactive Discussion with OSF about Bear's tapes at 4 pm, Wake the Dead at 7 pm, 

OSF Dance Party with unreleased Bear's Sonic Journals until 1:00 am

Come grab a pint and celebrate Owsley's legendary recordings!

$30 For Tickets visit peristavern.com