Article Contributed by MAD Ink PR | Published on Saturday, October 2, 2021

Two-time Grammy award-winning band, OZOMATLI, are releasing new music today, “Fellas,” featuring special guests J.J. Fad (“Supersonic”) and Lisa Lisa of Cult Jam fame (“I Wonder If I Take You Home”, Can You Feel The Beat”, “Head to Toe”), iconic hip hop pioneers and R&B queen of the 80’s pop music scene. Freestyle fanatics can listen to the track, here.

“First of all, freestyle music and its vibe has always been an influential presence in dance and hip hop music. J.J. Fad and Lisa Lisa are legends, and we were happy to have them do their thing on “Fellas.” “Fellas” is a simple cautionary tale from men with experience. Don’t be an a**hole, and when you are, sit in it so you actually start to understand the other person’s perspective. Hopefully you can create some real empathy in that space…” - OZOMATLI

“Fellas” is the second single from their forthcoming studio album, the band's first with Blue Élan Records. The song is the best kind of earworm and will have you wishing you were back in 1985 when “Head to Toe” and "Supersonic“ were top of the charts. The fast-tongued lyrical mastery of the J.J. Fad ladies paired with the Queen of Freestyle, Lisa Lisa, have us longing for our 80’s big hair, leg warmers and neon clothing. It’s also becoming a sought out duet on tik tok.

Produced by Ozomatli, David Garza and THE FUND, “Fellas” came together in March of 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic. Ozomatli had teamed up with producer David Garza and recording engineer, Gerardo “Jerry” Ordonez to create the album at the iconic and uniquely secluded Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas. Garza, fresh off of his own Grammy® win after producing Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters, invited in the singers of the group, Somethin' 4 the Fellas, whose name inspired the hook of song.

Back in LA, with each member quarantining separately, Ozomatli got to work finalizing the record. They connected with the songwriting/producer trio, THE FUND to help with the final touches on “Fellas”. Based out of the legendary Sound City Studios in LA under the guidance of Grammy® Award winning producer Matt Wallace, THE FUND took “Fellas” through the finish line, adding their signature sound and production to the track.

The new album is expected to release in the second quarter of 2022.

Ozomatli is: Asdru Sierra (lead vocals, trumpet, keyboards), Raul Pacheco (lead vocals, guitar), Willy (Wil-Dog) Abers (bass, vocals), Justin Poree (rap, vocals, percussion), Ulises Bella (saxophone, melodica, clarinet, guitar, requinto, keyboards, vocals) and Jiro Yamaguchi (drums, percussion).