Pearl Jam Help Those Affected by Maui Fires + Give Away Signed Guitar for Donations

Article Contributed by Fandiem | Published on Monday, August 14, 2023

Pearl Jam is giving away a band-signed poster to raise money for those affected by the ongoing wildfires in Hawaii.

In the last few days a series of wind-driven wildfires broke out in Hawaii, causing widespread damage and devastation, prompting mass evacuations, and killing dozens of people in the town of Lahaina.  In an effort to support organizations helping those affected by the wildfires, Pearl Jam and Vitalogy Foundation are offering fans a chance to win a limited-edition 2018 2XL print reissue of Pearl Jam’s 1998 tour poster from Hawaii, signed by all five current members of Pearl Jam plus touring keyboardist and lifelong Hawaii resident Boom Gaspar.

The fan-sourcing fundraising sweepstakes is running until September 2, 2023 exclusively on Fandiem and fans can “Donate To Win” at

For as little as $10, participants can “Donate To Win” this prize, which includes:

    2018 2XL print reissue of the 1998 Pearl Jam Hawaii poster signed by all five current members of Pearl Jam, plus touring keyboardist and lifelong Hawaii resident Boom Gaspar

    Artist: Ames Bros

    Size: 31.75” x 60 in” 2XL Print

    2 colors, plus 3 color split fountain screen printed poster

    Signed and numbered by the artist

    Limited Edition 1 out of 100

The more fans donate the more chances they have to win – and the more they support Vitalogy Foundation and Maui wildfire relief.

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About Vitalogy Fellowship: Vitalogy Foundation is a 501c3 organization founded by Pearl Jam to translate the ethos of their music into tangible positive impacts.

Vitalogy elevates the voices of overlooked groups and seeks opportunities to support approaches that value people’s minds, bodies, and souls.

In the band’s collective work, the Foundation focuses on three main areas: Environment, Homelessness, and Indigenous Causes.

To maximize its effect, Vitalogy works as both an advocate and a donor.