Pete COORS is a Hypocrite

Article Contributed by mike | Published on Saturday, June 12, 2004

Mr. Peter COORS.. the hypocrite- for the Grateful Web

After watching countless COORS beer commercials in my life & witnessing them becoming more risqué every year, I want to know what Mr. Peter COORS really plans on preaching to the children of Colorado and America now that he's running to be the next U.S. Senator?  In this coming Senate election Mr. Pete COORS of the COORS brewery will be running as the republican candidate. He claims to be a conservationist (what about polluting the river in front of your crappy brewery, Peter?), agrees with Dubya on tax breaks (of course, this way you're getting more in your own pocketbook), & tries to promote strong family values... 

When I watch COORS commercials, the last thing I'm sensing is family values.  Some recent COORS commercials have men bragging about not remembering the woman's name he is with, or deciding between the redhead, brunette or blond.  Another one has three guys telling us they've dated a girl for her 'brains, brains, brains.' when it's clear they're being sarcastic and speaking of the girls' breasts.  Now, don't get me wrong, the last thing I claim is to be against pretty girls & drinking beer (though I wouldn't choose COORS), but I'm not preaching family values or running for U.S. Senate.  I think Mr. COORS should tone down his commercials or at least come out and tell America if he's for pounding beers and swinging babes or what?  Kids here in Colorado & everywhere in the nation see your commercials every day, Mr. COORS, so please, tell me… are you for strong family values or is it beers and babes?  Mr. COORS, you decide on this and let us know.  Then we'll decide if we can let a hypocrite become our next Senator.

Fans of small breweries in Colorado:

Please visit Mr. COORS @:  or  Hey Pete, which site do you prefer we visit?  Tell Pete he's a hypocrite and his beer sucks.

Mike Moran

Editor, Grateful Web