Phish to release Saratoga Springs, 6/26/95

Article Contributed by | Published on Friday, February 24, 2017

On June 26, 1995 Phish played their second headline show at Saratoga Performing Arts Center ("SPAC") - a modern amphitheater on the buccolic grounds of Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY.  SPAC '95 was the sixteenth show in a 22-show summer tour supporting Phish's first live record - the 2-CD set A Live One, released June 27th (the day after this show) on Elektra.  While A Live One was a compilation of Phish classics recorded in 1994, summer 1995 performances gravitated toward new material from a one-off show in Lowell that May and early summer-tour debuts destined for Billy Breathes.  SPAC '95 Tickets cost $20 and Phish drew a good crowd on a Monday night. The multi-track recorders that yielded the A Live One masters were rolling to capture the source tracks for this release.

SPAC '95 highlights included Don't You Want To Go? and Bathtub Gin, summer's only The Sloth, and a spacious Possum from a hot set I, as well as a nearly non-stop set II that combined the mind-blowing Down With Disease > Free (the 1st such pairing) with a spectacular Poor Heart > You Enjoy Myself and Strange Design > Run Like An Antelope.  This was a thriller of a show - demented, psychedelic, Summer Space Camp Phish at its best.  The music had a Led Zeppelin sub-plot with teases of Heartbreaker during Possum and Immigrant Song during You Enjoy Myself.

6/26/95 SPAC was recorded by Paul Languedoc to digital multitrack and mixed/mastered by Jon Altschiller.


  • My Friend, My Friend (7:13)
  • Don't You Want To Go? (6:51)
  • Bathtub Gin (8:33)
  • NICU (5:38)
  • The Sloth (3:53)
  • My Mind's Got a Mind of Its Own (2:32)
  • It's Ice (8:35)
  • Dog Faced Boy (2:37)
  • Tela (6:52)
  • Possum (14:41)


  • Down With Disease (23:59)
  • Free (16:19)
  • Poor Heart (2:43)
  • You Enjoy Myself (22:04)
  • Strange Design (2:49)
  • Run Like an Antelope (12:28)


  • Sleeping Monkey (5:41)
  • Rocky Top (3:15)