The Raised by Wolves | Sadie Hawkins | Review

Article Contributed by Ben Welp | Published on Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Raised By Wolves recently released the music video "Freddy Freaker" - a track from the band's debut album Sadie Hawkins (2013). As the band explains it, "The video is a surreal exploration of the inevitable and often dissonant evolution of friendships over time." The green triangle used in the video appears to represent the concept of how all relationships remain balanced over time. The bonds of friendships may strengthen or deteriorate, yet the amount of change is equal to amount of time explored.

This intricate perception of relationships is prevalent throughout Sadie Hawkins. Moments of honest deep retrospect can be found throughout the duo's debut album. The Rasied By Wolves are Dusty Durston (vocals, drums) and Ben Eskin (guitar, bass, keys, backing vocals). These two, knowing something about the evolution of friendships over time, have been friends since they attended middle school in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Perhaps the depth presented in this 9 song LP is reflecting the tremendous length of time the two have been writing music together.

Often described as "indie-pop" Sadie Hawkins is nothing that hasn't been done before within the genre. However, Durston and Eskin are able to bring out the best elements with a force. To put it simply: For just two guys they make a lot of noise. Focused noise to be exact. Since creating the live band to fill out the quality of the album, it is no wonder The Raised By Wolves have been accepting praise for their high-octane live shows and impressive guitar work. Expect a lot more from these guys in the future, regarding their past and present explorations.