Randy Travis Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Storms of Life with Song From The Vault “Ain’t No Use”

Article Contributed by 117 Entertainment | Published on Monday, August 30, 2021

For 35 years, country music icon Randy Travis has brought the world chart-topping, genre-defining hits. Throughout his storied career, a select amount of songs never found a place on his critically-acclaimed catalog of albums. Now, along with the pre-order for his remastered album Storms of Life (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition), Warner Music Nashville is releasing “Ain’t No Use” from The Vault. Written by ​​Travis, “Ain’t No Use” brings back the Country Music Hall of Famer’s beautiful baritone on a never-before-heard toe tappin,’ boot scootin’ smash. Pre-order the album and listen to the song here.

“Ain’t No Use” has strong guitar, piano and fiddle riffs that will transport listeners right back to 1986. It is one of three unreleased songs from the vault to accompany all ten remastered original tracks from Travis’ debut album Storms Of Life - the first Country record ever to go multi-platinum. At 27 years old, he lit the spark that ignited the neotraditional generation of artists including Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Clint Black and many more.

In 2017 Garth Brooks told Rolling Stone, “Think about it: when is there ever, in any format, an artist that has come on the scene that has turned a format 180 degrees from where it’s heading, back and made it bigger than it ever was? That’s impossible. I’ve only known it to happen once, ever and Travis would be the name I’d stick on it.”
Storms of Life (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Track Listing:
1. "On the Other Hand (2021 Remaster)" [Paul Overstreet, Don Schlitz]
2. "The Storms of Life (2021 Remaster)" [Max D. Barnes, Troy Seals]
3. "My Heart Cracked (But It Did Not Break) [2021 Remaster]" (Ronny Scaife, Don Singleton, Phil Thomas)
4. "Diggin’ Up Bones (2021 Remaster)" [Al Gore, Paul Overstreet, Nat Stuckey]
5. "No Place Like Home (2021 Remaster)" [Paul Overstreet]
6. "1982 (2021 Remaster)" [Buddy Blackmon, Vip Vipperman]
7. "Send My Body (2021 Remaster)" [Randy Travis]
8. "Messin’ With My Mind (2021 Remaster)" [Joseph Allen, Charlie Williams]
9. "Reasons I Cheat (2021 Remaster)" [Randy Travis]
10. "There’ll Always Be a Honky Tonk Somewhere (2021 Remaster)" [Steve Clark, Johnny MacRae]
11. "Carryin’ Fire (From The Vault)" [Red Lane, Jim Ray, Sam Beck]
12. "Ain’t No Use (From The Vault)" [Randy Travis, John Lindley]
13. "The Wall (From The Vault)" [Lee Fry, Jim Sales, Phil Thomas]
*All tracks produced by Kyle Lehning, except "On The Other Hand" and "Reasons I Cheat" produced by Lehning and Keith Stegall.