Raveis Kole Dig up the Dirt to Plant Something Beautiful with “True is Beautiful”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Saturday, July 17, 2021

Songwriters Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole of duo Raveis Kole are ready to release “True is Beautiful” on 8/13 via their digital platforms and radio. The Bellingham, WA (an hour north of Seattle) based duo have evolved a signature style which interweaves meaningful lyrics with eclectic sounds, instruments, and arrangements to create songs which are both excitingly exotic and comfortably familiar.

As with their last single, “HELP ONE ANOTHER (WE ALL CAN),” Raveis Kole recorded “True Is Beautiful” with the help of their Nashville co-producer Jeff Silverman. The new single showcases the talents of award winning session artists including vintage synth and piano player Phil Shenale (Tori Amos and Tracy Chapman, inter alia, with his work also contributing to over 40 Gold and Platinum albums and 21 Grammy nominations), Grammy winning drummer and percussionist, Matthew Burgess (Brandi Carlile, Phil Keaggy), and bassist Lloyd LeFan.  During last year’s pandemic Raveis Kole began the process of recording the tracks virtually in their home studio, thereafter completing the song this Spring with distance based recording sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville.

The theme of “true is beautiful” is both timeless and uniquely contemporary. The powerful alternative grooves established by the rhythm section blend seamlessly with the organic and cinematic palette of vintage synthesizer sounds to create a rich backdrop for Laurie’s powerful lead vocals. The duo pride themselves on being described as innovative and, once again, display their penchant for turning left in a right-handed world.

“Our goal in creating “True is Beautiful” was to honor truth and to spotlight the choice we all have when we encounter “bad seeds.”  The song harkens back to the singer-songwriter era by using metaphorical lyrics to communicate using words which drip with visual and emotional nuance.

The lyrics open like Pandora’s Box, as the listener learns that a snake has escaped from the garden to a soundscape of electric guitar riffs and snake-like hand percussion.  The alternative feel of the rhythmic percussion moves on in lockstep with the emphasis of the lyrics “ … wise owl in the Tree with roots deep…” before transitioning to the one beat, so that the listener feels grounded as the lyric suggests.  The chorus changes feel from a staccato, swinging entry to a powerful and spacious 2nd half, with Laurie’s emotive and clarion vocals claiming the title line: “True is Beautiful.”

The song blends a flavor of Fiona Apple with the rhythmic variation, honest lyric and raw emotion of a powerful lead vocal female vocal a la Florence and The Machine and Brandi Carlile.

The story travels deeper into a social question and opening for us all to consider while featuring Shenale’s crying hurdy gurdy over the lyric, “… caged bird cries …” and how susceptible we all are to the “… tasty live bait, eat this stuff, more is not enough” and societal pressures, with a mood supported by Dennis’ high octave guitar which waves intentionally with his light vibrato fingerwork.

The climax of the song frees the mind and heart with the choice to “… put my hands in the dirt and plant something beautiful …” and strengthens after overcoming the tempting lure of the snake’s tribal dance.  As belonging has become a stronger force than being honest and truthful, this makes the rejection of the snake even more poignant.

Prior recognition:
“Beautiful melodies ... powerful vocals; creating soulful and heartfelt music.” — Guitar Girl Magazine  

“What is absolutely certain, however, is at the moment when Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole first met, a synergy was born that would blossom into one of the most talented singer/songwriter duos around today.” - KC Cafe Radio

Laurie and Dennis met eight years at Bigfork Guitar Festival in Montana, and they instantly clicked as songwriters and partners that created a harmonious setting for their shows. They have built a solid fanbase that loves to gather around to hear Laurie’s caramel smooth vocals matched with the rich jewel tone voice of Dennis’ guitars. Raveis Kole has performed all over the US, Canada, and the UK and has opened for Cory Henry, the Edgar Winter Band, the Wailers and many more. They have released two albums and multiple singles. In 2018, their album, Electric Blue Dandelion – Nashville Sessions, debuted on Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #11, spinning on 170+ radio stations across 13 countries and five continents, and the duo is a 3x Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominee.