Rebecca Pidgeon Releases Two New EPs

Article Contributed by JP Cutler Media | Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rebecca Pidgeon knows a thing or two about getting into character with her illustrious career as an actress with starring roles in acclaimed feature films (The Spanish Prisoner, Heist, Red), TV shows (Phil Spector, The Unit), and on stage at venerable theatres across the globe (Speed the Plow, Royal National Theatre, London; The Old Neighborhood, The Booth Theatre, Broadway). Pidgeon's prolific work as a songwriter and vocalist is akin to the self-immersion she undertakes for her mesmerizing performances on camera. Two 3-song EPs, Circus Delirium and Comfort, allure listeners to the dizzying contradictions of deeply emotive shades of characters and personal reflections on Pidgeon's latest original material. The EPs featuring lead tracks "Underwater Boys" and "Don't Lie Darling" are a preview of Pidgeon's forthcoming 20-song double full-length studio album, Sudden Exposure to Light (Toy Canteen Records), scheduled for release in summer 2019.

In advance of Rebecca Pidgeon's live concert at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, Calif. (May 11, 7pm), Circus Delirium and Comfort will be available via all digital retailers and streaming platforms on May 10, 2019. Pidgeon showcases music from her latest EPs at The Hotel Café with her band featuring Fernando Perdomo (acoustic guitar) and Andy Studer (keyboards, viola, programming).

Produced by indie-rock darling Thomas Bartlett -- whose famed production credits include St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, and Yoko Ono -- Circus Delirium transports Pidgeon from a pool of darkness to the wonders of enlightenment with an avant-garde backdrop. As one can imagine, the influences of David Lynch and his 2017 series Twin Peaks: The Return seeped into the consciousness of creative types who in turn churned out new works inspired by the brilliance of its contorting narratives and visual ingenuity. Upon watching the series, Pidgeon broke free from a two-year writer's block and began composing again. The exploratory ventures on Circus Delirium emulate Pidgeon's gateway into a new life chapter overflowing with vigor for all that she loves. Comfort features material written while on tour with the venerable rock singer Marc Cohen.

Circus Delirium -- Featured Compositions
Circus Delirium opens with the breakout song "Underwater Boys," which takes its cue from director Alfonso Cuarón's Mexican drama, Y Tu Mamá También. Congruent with an array of Pidgeon's tracks on the upcoming album Sudden Exposure to Light, "Underwater Boys" is influenced by a revolutionary film that's left a lasting impression on her psyche. The odyssey of two young men's sexual encounters with an older woman as well as one another leaves much room for Pidgeon's narrative study on eroticism.

Internationally renowned female actresses serve as the muse for a host of Pidgeon songs, including Jane Fonda for her role in Barbarella ("Circus Delirium"). The title track "Sudden Exposure to Light" is the realization of a new dawn; a strength in one's life that says farewell to the past.

Comfort -- Featured Compositions
A more traditional rock format shapes Pidgeon's EP Comfort, which is the antithesis of complacency. Recorded at producer Fernando Perdomo's Reseda Ranch Studio in Los Angeles, Pidgeon's narratives traverse the painful repercussions of psychological trauma through characters suffering from unhealthy addictions and lack of self-awareness. Though basking in surreal sonic dreamscapes, the lives depicted on the EP seek sources of comfort in ultimately depleting ways.

Comfort opens with "406," a southwestern-style tremolo guitar style piece with a wayward story of a woman trapped up with her addiction in hotel room 406 rather than living a suburban life. "Don't Lie Darling" is Pidgeon's modern take on Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms." The reverb-laden rock epic "Little Death" is one of unrequited desire in a toxic relationship that one is wedded to though with fatal consequences.

Ambitious storybooks encompassing Pidgeon's meditations on life, her latest EPs exhibit a prolific artist at the apex of an acclaimed music career and serve as a precursor to the summer 2019 release of her 20-track double studio album, Sudden Exposure to Light.

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Rebecca Pidgeon
Circus Delirium

1. Underwater Boys
2. Circus Delirium
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Rebecca Pidgeon

1. 406
2. Don't Lie Darling
3. Little Death