Article Contributed by Sacks and Company | Published on Friday, January 27, 2023

The much-anticipated self-titled EP from New York-based Reckless Son is out today. Listen/share HERE.

Watch/share the lyric video for new song, “Praying For Rain,” HERE. The Aquarian raves, “It’s impressive and electrifying—Butler’s harmonious and public healing, that is. He croons about the small towns and swoons over the big city with poignant lyrical content that is sharp, familiar, and soul-stirring.”

Butler explains the song is “about putting up the white flag and surrendering. It’s about saying that things have gotten so bad, so out of hand, that we can no longer handle something on our own and we need help.”

The EP released today contains songs from a one-man show Butler penned of the same name. A traveling storyteller and musician, he wrote a collection of monologues and music inspired by his real-life experiences performing in prisons across the country—watch a trailer for the show HERE.

Butler has performed everywhere from Ohio’s Chillicothe Correctional Institution, to Utah’s Gunnison Prison and the New York City Department of Corrections facilities on Riker’s Island. The show is organized into nine chapters, each painting a vivid picture of people he met and lessons they taught him. More than just a show, Reckless Son acts as a calling, service, and pledge to “bring healing through the arts to those behind the walls,” Butler says.

“I've never been the kind of writer who just sits down and writes a love song,” Butler says. “I’ve always been drawn to deeper, darker, more intense subject matter.”
“Reckless Son wasn’t written for the incarcerated. It was written for those who haven’t had the privilege of meeting these people and hearing their stories for themselves,” he explains. “The show is as faithful a rendering of the truth of my experience as I can offer. The people in jail know their own story already. Reckless Son is more about getting that story heard.”