Rhino Releases Quadrophonic Versions Of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, The J. Geils Band + Jefferson Starship Classics

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Monday, June 26, 2023

Rhino is a respected name in the audiophile community, renowned for their exceptional and quality catalog releases. Following the success of The Doobie Brothers: Quadio (2020) and Chicago Quadio (2016) sets, Rhino will release a slew of seminal 1970s albums recorded in quadraphonic sound.

Quadraphonic sound, or 4.0 surround sound, utilizes four audio channels connected to four speakers positioned at the corners of a listening space. The multi-tracked audio is mixed dimensional, immersing the listener in an expansive soundscape.

Unavailable in quadraphonic audio for nearly 50 years, four iconic titles have been digitized from the original analog four-track Quad mixes - Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies, Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, The J. Geils Band’s Nightmares… and Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle, and Jefferson Starship’s Red Octopus.

The collection of Quadio releases will be available on June 23 as Blu-ray discs exclusively at Rhino.com. Each title will be $24.98, with a bundle of all four albums retailing at $79.98. Order HERE.

Steve Woolard, Director of A&R for the Quadio series, stated, “I can’t wait for these to come out! Following in the footsteps of the Chicago and Doobie Brother’s Quadio sets, these are transferred from the original half-inch four-channel masters at 192/24 resolution and sound amazing. Considering they’ve been in the vault for 50 years, the tapes were in pristine condition and needed no tweaks or fixes. They sound as fresh, rich, and powerful as the day they were created. And, of course, there’s also a 192/24 stereo program from the two-track master as well. Just because.”