Rickie Lee Jones tells Apple Music about her music, her muses, and her memoir

Article Contributed by Apple | Published on Sunday, July 11, 2021

Rickie Lee Jones joins Record Bin Radio with Kelly McCartney to discuss her music, her muses, and her memoir. Steve Hochman and Kelly dissect the perfection of Rickie Lee's eponymous debut, and Kelly drops the needle on Rickie Lee's sophomore album 'Pirates.'

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Rickie Lee on the initial impact the Beatles had

Unless you were there, I just don’t know how to tell you, it was like extraterrestrials landed. The life before ended, and you can see evidence of it in the screaming faces of girls.  

Rickie Lee on the summer of 1964 and Beatlemania

They were everybody’s introduction, like, President Kennedy to a new world, a coming world. It went into my skin and my muscles. That hot summer when my cousins came and the Beatles were out.    

Rickie Lee’s influences on her eponymous debut album

You know I was using some Randy Newman. I was using a little Tom Waits. I was harkening back to the Beatles. I went every…Taj Mahal, everybody I loved, I had written in their direction.  

Rickie Lee on her place in the music world

You know some people think of me as like the last of the singer-songwriters, but I think I’m the first of another kind of singer-songwriter, who is much more pop-oriented, and sang jazz, and brought all kinds of things to the table…that folk rock detested.